Eldar Murtazin’s latest prediction puts a nail in the coffin of the iPhone 3GS. The mobile phone blogger expects the incoming iOS 5 release will not support Apple hardware older than the iPhone 4.

Of course, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.  Apple already set the bar for iOS 4 too high — remember all the issues the iPhone 3G faced while running the update software? Even the 3GS struggles to run Apple’s most recent iOS updates, so you could argue that the writing’s been on the wall for some time now.

Those who are likely to be most upset by this rumor are the iOS users who are just now getting an iPhone 3GS, taking advantage of the new lower pricing ($49) AT&T is offering.

If you bought a new 3GS today, would you expect Apple to keep supporting it, even though it first came out almost two years ago?

  1. What if someone at Apple is tasked at adding a delay loop into iOS5 whenever it senses that the iphone verson is less than iphone4? I am not saying that Apple, Microsoft and Intel products contain this delay loop to make it appear that the device is old and it is time to upgrade.

    Can someone smart enough catch this? If the delay loop is spread all over the place that a neglible code if executed several times add up to considerable delay?

    What do you think? Have you heard of such accusation?

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