No Lumia 950 XL replacement units available, new Windows 10 Mobile phone coming soon?

Microsoft’s Lumia 950 XL was the 2015 flagship, and less than a year later, the sorry state of Windows 10 Mobile has forced the smartphone’s sales to suffer as a result. In the UK, according to sources that are close to the subject, such as WinBeta, it has been reported that the last Lumia 950 XL unit was manufactured a month ago, and there are no replacement units available for the smartphone.

So suppose what will happen if your Lumia 950 XL’s warranty period has not expired and you demand a new one? Forget it, you will not receive a replacement, and Microsoft has not provided users with any comfort regarding this warranty service as well. A better option would be to give the owner a brand new Lumia 950, and some cash back in order to compensate for no Lumia 950 XL replacements being available, but Microsoft has not provided any announcement regarding this either.

Lumia 950 XL had one of the best smartphone cameras of 2015, and it is a shame that the flagship had to die out this soon because of lack of effort on Microsoft’s part to improve its software. Microsoft has also been reported to end the Lumia smartphone family during the month of December, but it looks like that part is taking place much sooner. The company has been rumored to release an even better smartphone lineup, named the Surface Phone.

The Surface Phone will comprise of three smartphone models, with each model catered to a completely different market. However, in order for all three models to sell well, Microsoft will have to provide one of the best software experiences to the public. The Microsoft app store hardly houses any applications, so the company could also have to start pitching to developers of popular apps to port them to this store as well.

  1. “Hardly any applications”?? There are hundreds of thousands, if not more than a million, apps available through the Windows store. Granted, not as many as the competitors, and some key ones are missing, but that is not the same as hardly any.

  2. Its not windows fault that developers aren’t interested in windows mobile.. I have had multiple windows phone and the windows mobile platform is a lot prettier and wayyyy less leggy and buggy than android.. its a shame that the lack of developer support for windows mobile has nearly killed it , especially in a world where everything is ios and android.. I got my fingers crossed tho I’m praying for a comeback.

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