Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Despite Android being the number one operating system for mobile and pushing past iOS these past few years, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says that his company are not willing to make a smartphone for Android.

He gave some reasons, although these seemed more like swipes at Android rather than solid facts about why Nokia couldn’t make a phone running Android. One was the fragmentation problems Android has, due to all other manufacturers creating skins and other different Android clients.

As you may know, Android runs on Linux, the free and open operating system. With Android’s open source backbone, it allows any user to change how Android looks and how the system is run. While some core features may stay, you can change the look and feel of the operating system.

Google seem to want to change that in recent years. Many say that since the acquisition of Motorola Mobility, a year ago, Google has been plotting out a plan to bring a complete Google phone to market, and start closing Android down.

Elop hit Google with that problem too. He says that the innovation that Nokia and Windows Phone has is enough to keep him happy, no doubt partly due to the success of the Nokia 920.

Nokia also works on Asha, an operating system tailored for lower end phones. This competes direct with Android phones in developing markets, where phones have limited usability but a lot of customers.

No Nokia phone packed with Android is coming soon, unless some major problems happen at Nokia and Elop is forced to make something users will flock to. Nokia has the hardware and it seems Android is the most popular operating system right now.

  1. elop is doing the right thing by using the best and most refreshing os out there but people are brainwashed with apple and adroid, try using a nokia lumia phone you will get an idea of what nokia and windows are all about.

  2. OS/2 is far superior to Windows. IBM is doing the right thing by using the best and most refreshing OS out there. But people are brainwashed with Microsoft and Apple.

    Microsoft is fighting the same battle IBM was years ago with OS/2. Both had a product that was a little better in some ways than the competition. But in both cases, a little better is not enough to offset the inertia of consumers who have a bunch of software for their current device. There’s nothing in Windows phone, as far as I’ve seen, that is worth giving up the benefit of being in the iOS or Android ecosystems.

  3. And what benefit on iOS and Android may that be?

    Windows Phone is still playing catch up at this point which is surprising considering Microsoft’s expertise. But if you think iOS or Android is anyone near the influence as Windows, you’re out to lunch.

    The next battle ground isn’t a battle of customer loyalty or “ecosystems”. The next battle would be won base on leverage. It will be how many added service each provider would be able to bring to the table, and pre-bundle them. Basically, how many antitrust violations a company can get away with. Microsoft has consumer Windows, Enterprise Server, Xbox, Office, Skype to just name a few that they can have built-in integration to leverage.

    While people may think Android is the best operating system out there, I would disagree. It was adopted by manufacturers due to their low cost to implement, hence the majority of their sales are on low cost phones. Thus far, Android has enjoyed a monopoly in that segment. It is about to change. First off, patent holders have already started to sue Android manufacturers for royalty payments. Secondly, the Chinese government has already announced their plan of reducing Android dependency and home brewing their own version of Ubuntu. Third, Android biggest manufacturer Samsung is also moving away from Google in favour of their own OS Tizen. Finally, performance of Android devices in the low end segment just sucks. In time, I fully expect Android to shrink as the services Google can leverage are mostly web based where platform dependency is considerably less.

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