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When the iPhone 5 was officially unveiled, there were a lot of people that were underwhelmed. Bigger screen, a new connector and an extra icon row was what most people were latching on to, choosing to overlook other significant improvements such as the faster processor. Samsung immediately took the opportunity and released an ad that stacked the Galaxy SIII’s features against the iPhone 5, hinting that ‘it doesn’t take a genius’ to decide which phone is clearly better.

And now, Nokia Lumia 920 fans have joined the iPhone 5 bashing bandwagon and released their own version of the ad.

Nokia Lumia 920 parody ad


Similar to the original, Nokia fans compared the Nokia Lumia 920 against the iPhone 5 in key smartphone areas. While some may argue that “better” is subjective, there are some aspects where the Nokia Lumia 920 clearly trumps the iPhone 5.

The Nokia Lumia 920 has a significantly bigger screen with a crisper 1280 x 768 resolution, has longer talk and standby times, a better camera and larger default internal storage. The Nokia Lumia 920 also boasts of NFC and wireless charging, two features which Apple says they deliberately skipped for the iPhone 5 due to their impracticality. And like the original Galaxy SIII ad, the Nokia Lumia 920 is shown to have a list of features that far outnumber those of the iPhone 5.

While the ad featured above isn’t official, Nokia did release a short tweet making use of the Samsung ad’s ‘It doesn’t take a genius’ tagline:

Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn’t take a genius. #swithctolumia

With all these creative parodies coming out, sometimes I wonder why these big companies don’t hire their fans to do their ads for them

So which phone are your rooting for — the iPhone 5, The Samsung Galaxy SIII or the Nokia Lumia 920? Sound off in the comments below!


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  1. Biased towards the Nokia 920. Apple has dominated the smartphone race for the last few years. I know that Google has the far greater market share, but Apple is miles ahead of the other phone manufacturers in terms of profit and the iphone 5 is off to an amazing start. So most Apple fanboys will point to that and expect the argument to be over. However, even the most ardent Apple fan has to admit, that for the first time, a new iphone is not ahead in terms of technologies and features. The Galaxy S3 and the Nokia 920 (and I am sure others) surpass what Apple has to offer. I fully understand that specs are not everything. As a fan of Windows Phone I strongly believe the user experience is more important than specs. However, the marketplace in general does rely on them.

    My prediction is that the iphone 5 marks the high point of the Apple dynasty. Its not going to crash and burn, but it will not achieve quite the same heights again. Microsoft has finally gotten its act together and has partners that are stepping up with interesting hardware. In particular, I believe that Windows 8 will make a big impact in the tablet market. Enterprise IT will enjoy the Windows management capabilities.

    Just my opinion, I am sure some will agree, many will disagree. Certainly an interesting market to watch.

  2. having owned both and can see how people would like each. However, one thing that people will argue in favor of the iPhone is it is lighter and thinner, even though when there is a lighter phone, than iPhone, I have heard people say it is to light and want some aieght, otherwise it feels cheep.

  3. RIMM said the same thing back in 2007 as Apple did just last week… ‘If we make it, they’ll buy it. Period.’

  4. The storage comparison is a little deceitful by omission, since 16 next to 32 looks terrible, wheras the actual 16, 32 and 64 gig options are very appealing. Other than that, comments like ‘hard-to-find’ and ‘totally different’ reduce what seemed like a professional comparison to namecalling. Most of the last 8 points also seem repetative and stretched. Still, I’ve already made my choice, and the Nokia 920 will be my next phone.

  5. Nokia went through that phase of smaller, lighter phones before. If you’ve had a phone like I have since the late 90’s you realize it isn’t so important. If the phone feels good in your hand, the weight isn’t a big concern. If you have problems lifting 185 grams to your ear then I think you have a bigger problem to worry about than the next phone you’ll buy.

  6. I’m getting a Nokia 920 when it comes out… I just wish it had an SD card slot like Samsung… I also with it had Intel processor so that it could run legacy Windows apps but for now it’ll have to do… Still.. light years ahead of iphone…

  7. The Lumia looks awesome! A better choice than the iphone 5 which is nothing more than a slightly upgraded 4S. For me though, I going for either the galaxy S3 or the galaxy note 2.

  8. Nokia Lumia 920 for me too. 2 years ago I had an iPhone, last year i got a Galaxy Nexus and now definitely the Lumia 920. Its the only truly innovative phone thats been released in 2 years.

  9. I had an iPhone and it wasn’t for me, but I certainly get the appeal for lots of people. However, looking at the specs and reading the reviews the last 2 days, it’s REALLY difficult to make a case for the iPhone 5. Unfortunately it’s just inferior in too many ways. I’m not yet sold on WP8, but as it sits right now I’m rooting for the Lumia 920.

  10. Having used a Nokia Lumia 900 for about 6 months and iPhone 4 before that, I have to say that I most prefer the Nokia Lumia 900. It is fast, uncluttered and takes great pictures. And perhaps most useful, the email functionality is excellent. Quite frankly, I found that I spend way too much time on useless Apps when I used the iPhone 4. My day is far less cluttered with my Nokia Lumia 900.

  11. The Nokia Lumia 820 has an SD card slot and the specs are almost similar to those of the 920. The differences are: no pureview, no motion HD+, weaker battery, and no curved glass. Other than that the 820 pretty much matches the 920.

  12. There is No Cyan coloured Lumia 920 :(. Kinda dissapointed cause cyan is colour that attract me most for lumia 900. But the features of lumia 920 blown up these absence of cool colour though haha lol.

    Definitely lumia 920 is the heavy weight winner.

    iPhone is too rely on its image as a elegant designed phone. They like already treadmarked their design and doesnt want to improve more. We can see by the minor changes of iphone 5 comparing to 4s.
    Other smarphone manufacturer at first is want to make iphone wannabe. But rightnow they already surpass iphone for sure.

    Well, Nokia is the best inovator. Lumia 920 is just the state of the art of a phone.

  13. the storage thing…even though the l820 has an sd slot…i will still prefer the l920..why?
    because l820 offers only 8 gb internal while the l920 offers 32 gb…and since the sd card cant go more than 32 gb, u will get 40 gb total memory for the l820 but in 2 different places…trust me, 1 place for storage is better for ur brain to manage…its annoying to have many memory places…
    btw the features that u said about the l920 which are not in the l820 are the real innovation from nokia…they are why the l920 beats the iphone 5 like shit..

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