Pre-orders for Nokia’s snazzy new Windows Phone 8 handset, the Lumia 920, are starting to creep in. So far, we’ve captured reports that Chinese and German retailers are now taking in requests. Today, we’ve got confirmation that fans of the Nokia Lumia 920 in the UK can now also make reservations for the device.

Nokia Lumia 920 UK Release

UK retailer Digital Phone Companyalready has an ad up for the Nokia Lumia 920. Here are the specifications listed on their website:

“The new flagship device from Nokia is here – the Stunning Nokia Lumia 920. The handset has an 8 megapixel camera and a secondary forward facing 1.3 megapixel camera too.

“Using the new Windows Phone 8 Operating System on top of a 1.5GHz Dual Core processor this is a very powerful and efficient smartphone.”

The site promises that stocks will start to be available on November 5th or about a week after Microsoft officially launches Windows 8. There is one little hitch though…

Digital Phone Company lists down the Nokia Lumia 920’s contract-free price at £469.99. Converted, that means the Nokia Lumia 920 costs around $760. The UK price falls right in the middle of Germany’s $961 and China’s $512 but still several hundred dollars more than what I would personally be willing to pay for it.

At this point, it’s still unclear as to how much the Nokia Lumia 920 will cost but it’s possible that the Chinese estimates may be too good to be true. I have to say though that if Nokia decides to price the phone at more than $600, what was once an instant-buy suddenly becomes a much harder decision, especially with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note 2 available at more or less the same price.

Would you still be willing to get the Nokia Lumia 920 if the UK pricing proves to be correct? Is there anything Nokia can do to make sure that you grab their Windows Phone 8 flasghip device? Let us know in the comments below.


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    Speaking as a Brit, the IPhone 5 is £600 (about $970) so the lumia 920 is a breath of fresh air in the market at £130 cheaper! Although this is Sim free so I’m hoping it will be a little cheaper on contract (ppm). I’m deciding between the HTC One XL and Lumia 920 as the S3 is too expensive (albeit best on the market) and the IPhone 5 is too overprices for what it offers. So I’ll guess I’ll wait for the One XL to be priced and then make a decision (I’ll probably pick the cheapest!)

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    John Crist

    In the US, I imagine that as long as the phone is priced below $699 it will still be something that people will put their money into. It goes toe to toe with the S3 in terms of real-world perceived performance, i.e, just as fluid as the S3 and iPhone 5, offers the most friendly user interface without the absolutely horrendous bulk that Android brings with it, and offers Flip-to-Silence, NFC, and many many other features that the S3 sports. I know for certain I will be getting a 920 regardless of the price, and anyone using WP7.5+ for more than a week or so will find themselves addicted to it in the long run. I was, and I switched to the S3 after my first Lumia 900. Now I have the 900 again ^.^

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    Why are they using a picture of the Lumia 820 for an article about the 920?

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    I think that it may be cheaper we do not actually now the price.. and if this is the non contract price in Europe… then what about USA?

    Verizon, AT&t?

    you guys need to wait till Nokia says something other people said it may be stuck within the 180-300 dollar price range for USA…. how in the world can this be at this price, unless it is thanks to pre-orders?

    I’d wait until more info and a definite price told by the company, folks.

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    At the time it was an 820. You can tell as the 820 has rounded corners and the 920 does not.

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    As long as the Lumia 920 is about the same price as the iPhone 5 I see no reason to not purchase this fine phone. I am having a hard time taking this article seriously. The Lumia 920 is a flagship device with the specs to back up that distinction. I think anyone who is interested in a top tier device is more concerned with quality than price. Given all the bad press Apple has received this week over all the issues with the iPhone 5, I think Nokia has a good opportunity to shake up the market a bit this year.

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    if it’s priced blow the iphone 5, i’m getting the lumia 920. if it’s over then i’m going with the iphone 5.
    I think the price with contract is upto the telco and they should just price it the same or below the iphone.
    but then again i always buy the unclocked international versions.

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    Yeah like he said… It’s to expensive for what it offers

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    LJ Magbanua

    Thanks for chiming in. The problem with the Nokia Lumia 920 is that it’s an unproven commodity compared to what Apple and Samsung have been putting out. It’s exciting sure, but I think more people would be more willing to make that jump to a new device and OS if it’s cheap; it wont hurt as much in case the device and Windows Phone 8 turns out to be a dud.

    Now, before everyone starts ganging up on me, I’m not saying that the Nokia Lumia 920 and WP8 will not be good. In fact, I hope Nokia hits it out of the park with this device. The smartphone market is becoming a little stale and some new blood should make things a little more interesting again.

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    LJ Magbanua

    Actually, yes the original photo was of the Nokia Lumia 820. Due to a rush, I had incorrectly picked the wrong stock photo. Forgot to say thanks, MrSkippy. 🙂

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    Price comparison sites in Sweden lists 920 at 10100 SEK (excl. 25% VAT). That is €1200 Euro or $1500. I hope I’m dead wrong but given the advanced tech included in Nokias new phone i think people are in for a surprise concerning the pricing.

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    At that price it’s settled my mind, I’m going for the Galaxy Note 2.

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    The thing is the unlocked price may be as high as the iPhone, but, Nokia will not put the same demands on carriers that demand they kep the price high and take huge % from them. This means that the carriers will be able to offer much better deals as far a subsidizing the phone. Thats why iPhone is still £100 on a £40 contract over 2 years while you will be able to get this on say 30 and free handset.

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    Thats the 16gm model if your going to compare you should go like for like and that puts the iPhone 32gb at £599. Also Apple demands the carriers keep the prices up and take a huge % of the contract as well hence why there so much more expensive.

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    Official price revealed by Nokia today in Sweden: 5700 SEK (€670/$870). Don’t know if this includes VAT or not.

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    Thanks for the feedback. You are right. Nokia has a lot to prove here and WP8 is still an unknown. Right now, the market is flooded with devices and it is hard to pick. There will always be brand loyalty be it manufacturer or OS. That cant be helped. But with more choices comes a better informed consumer.

    Nokia and WP8 have a huge opportunity here and that is why I think Nokia has put so much effort into build quality just as Microsoft has with its new Surface product. At this point in the game, people expect software to have a few bugs and can live with that. But when you pick up a device and it feels well crafted on the outside, you feel reassured that it will be quality on the inside as well. That is something that Apple got right. People want it to feel like its a good product when they touch it. I have a feeling that is exactly what Nokia is counting on. Even if they don’t capture a lot of iPhone users, they may still grab a fair share of the Android market that is flooded with phones that look and feel cheap.

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    I am not going to buy any kind of Windows8 devices before there is at least 400 million of them sold to the worldwide markets to ensure applications and apps are going to be there as well.

    Windows8 reviews are way too conflicting for my taste to consider it´s good product at all.

    I hope Nokia will do well, but I will not going be the one to speculate it will be there on next year. Windows 7 mobiles never took off and I haven´t see any so interesting add-on´s that would warm me up for W8 either. Those who bought Windows 7 mobile devices are holding the dead cake in their hands and there´s no guarantee anything will change, besides I didn´t catch the idea why Microsoft added this silly keyboard for tablet computer – it smells like feature device for me.

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    Hankworth McGillicutty

    What “Windows8” reviews are you talking about?

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