Lumia 920

Recently Tapscape reported on the Lumia 920 specs being leaked to the net. Today, we now have an official announcement. The Lumia 920 is clearly not just Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, but Microsoft’s as well.

The joint Nokia-Microsoft conference revealed that the shiny yellow feller has all the top features they could throw in it- wireless charging, NFC, augmented reality, and more. The phone itself is powered by a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, has unbreakable ceramic side buttons, and a new PureView cam. There is also 16GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, an even LTE.

The Nokia lens supposedly can even capture 5 and 10x the amount of light of competitors with a floating lens system. It also can stabilize itself to cut down shaky video and blur.

Worth noting is that the PureView camera in the 920 is NOT a 41MP monster like found in the Nokia 808 PureView. It seems that Nokia is using the term similarly to how Apple uses retina- it means whatever they what it to mean.

The camera on the Lumia 920 is clearly one of the biggest draws to owning the device. Other camera features include a feature called Smart Shoot, which can shoot multiple shots of a person in a crowded room, and then compile the info to remove all the random people moving around.

There is even a new Nokia cinemagraph feature, which captures still images with some movement in a specific area of the screen- yes just like found in iOS.

Nokia Lumia 920 – Featuring Bleeding Edge Technology

From wireless charging to other high-end camera features- it’s clear that Nokia has bleeding edge technology present in the device. Whether you love Apple or not, it’s pretty much guaranteed that the iPhone 5 isn’t going to feature the same caliber of features. Even the Samsung Galaxy S3 only has this thing beat in the processor department- the S3 has a quad core.

The Lumia 920 is a beast with great features, but is that enough? Can Windows Phone 8’s interface, marketplace and overall design win over enough users to make a difference? What do you think?

Via: Gizmodo