Nokia Lumia 920 O2 UK

Some UK fans of the Nokia Lumia 920 may have been bummed by the news that the device will be heading to their shores exclusively via EE (Everything Elsewhere). However, we’ve got word that O2 may also get their hands on the device sometime in the near future.

Nokia Lumia 920 O2 UK


EE signed a contract with the Finnish phone manufacturer to turn the Nokia Lumia 920 into an eclusive launch handset for its new 4G LTE UK network. The exclusivity contract, however, is for a limited time only and O2, as well as other carriers, will be able to include the Nokia Lumia 920 in their device line-ups in the future. WPCentral reports:

“The Lumia 920 has been picked up by EE (Everything Everywhere) as an exclusive launch handset for its new 4G LTE UK network. While the exclusivity will be limited in duration, and other operators (including O2) will subsequently be able to stock the Nokia flagship Windows Phone, it’s positive to see a UK carrier planning to arrive at the Microsoft party with chocolate cake.”

Further proof of this was obtained by one of their readers who asked O2 customer support about the availability of the device. Below is a screenshot of their chat conversation:

Nokia Lumis 920 O2 Cust Support Chat

Of course, this is in no way an “official” confirmation from O2 UK but it really wouldn’t make sense for someone from a company’s customer support line to give out misleading information. And with the HTC Phone 8X and the Samsung ATIV S already reportedly heading to O2 stables, it’s only logical for them to also include the most coveted Windows Phone 8 device in their line-up.

Will you be getting the Nokia Lumia 920 via EE? Or will you be waiting for O2 and other UK carriers to get their hands on it as well? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. Going to jump straight onboard the Everything Everywhere offering, as long as pricing is sensible. Ideally £25 – £30. I can dream.

  2. i certainly wouldnt trust some numpty on live chat, they wont stock the phone for a long time yet and you’ll probably better off by then getting it sim free or on ebay somewhere.

  3. O2 live chat is utter nonsense, they told me once (whilst chatting about a malfunctioning webpage) that if I went to an O2 store they could book, take payment for, and give me a ticket for a national express coach, which was obviously ridiculous, I printed off the chat and took it to store and they all laughed at it. If you had asked this representative “is it true O2 will never stock the 920” then I don’t doubt they would say yes to that as well.

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