Nokia Lumia 920 Amazon Wireless

If you weren’t able to pre-order a Nokia Lumia 920 but are still keen on getting the Windows Phone 8 device, then you may want to check out its listing at Amazon Wireless.

Nokia Lumia 920 Amazon Wireless

According to a WPCentral report, the Nokia Lumia 920 has surfaced at the Amazon Wireless and is available for $99. You can also get it without a contract for a higher price:

“The Nokia¬†Lumia 920¬†Windows Phone has surfaced over at Amazon Wireless. All five colors are available and the cost? The Lumia 920 on a new accounts or eligible upgrades will cost you $99.99. The out of contract price is $499.99.”

$499.99 for a contract-free Nokia Lumia 920 seems like a great deal, considering the device has a very solid and sleek build. It also comes with the amazing PureView camera technology which should be a hit with people who enjoy taking photos with their smartphones. Reviews for the device have also praised Nokia’s efforts and its Windows Phone 8 OS so you certainly can’t go wrong by choosing this unit.

The listing states that the black and white variants of the device are readily available and can ship within 24 hours. However, the more popular cyan, red and yellow versions will take a little longer to get and have an estimated shipping time of one to two weeks.

Feel free to visit the Amazon Wireless page for the Nokia Lumia 920 by clicking here. Let us know how your order went and what you think of the Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 flagship device.

  1. amazing price and one of the best phones so far…..superb innovation, clearly stands out. Apple season is soon fading….

  2. I have been dying to get this phone for the longest time. Would anyone be able to comment if the no contract phone will work in Canada? There is another website offering this for $650 so I need to know the difference.

  3. No. These phones are locked to AT&T. They won’t work in Canada until AT&T starts providing unlock codes. There is speculation they won’t start doing this until their 6-month exclusivity contract runs out in the US.

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