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With a ton of cool new phones coming out soon, savvy users are keeping an eye on which carriers will be stocking them. Fans of the Nokia Lumia 920 rejoiced when AT&T confirmed that they would indeed be carrying Nokia’s comeback device and that they might also be getting the exclusive rights to the device’s cyan-colored version. But heads up, if you’re thinking up of signing up with them to try out the Nokia Lumia 920, or any other smartphone for that matter, you may want to know that they’re shortening the no-commitment return window starting this month.

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 Logo


Reports have come in that the carrier will now be implementing a much shorter return window on phone purchases. The previous 30 day window will now be cut down to just 14 days. What this means is that you’ll now just have 2 weeks to test out the phone and decide whether you want to keep it and the contract tied with it. After the 14 days lapse, you’ll now be liable for “the full burden of your contract,” as our friends at Android Central called in their report, including an Early termination Fee (ETF) if you decide not to keep your new Nokia Lumia 920 or other device during the specified time frame in the contract.

The new policy will be in effect today, October 7. The policy, however, may exempt some AT&T business customers so be sure to check with them before making a decision.

Will this new policy affect your decision to get a Nokia Lumia 920 with AT&T? Do longer return windows influence your choice of carrier? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


[via Android Central]

  1. I notice on andriod central no mention of lumia ?
    So not only are you a plagiarist you write lies within it and
    say someone else did it…
    Piece of sh!t

  2. I think the Lumia 920 is superior to the iPhone. I’ve owned 2 iPhones and was going to upgrade to the 5 but changed my mind. It’s just more of the same with 4G added. I’ll certainly know before 14 days is up if I made a mistake. I don’t think so though. I’ve checked out this phone pretty thoroughly. And Nokia has always built a good solid phone. The only unknown here is the WP8 OS. But I’m a Windows user and have been using the Windows 8 Release Preview and like it after getting used to it. I’m upgrading to Windows 8 Pro on day one and WP8 looks to just be a variant and they’ll work together which is good. Add to that the camera and the offline GPS turn by turn navigation and it’s a sure winner.

  3. Idiot. You want to read a little more carefully next time? The article clearly stated that the policy is not just for the Lumia 920 but for all AT&T smartphones. And if you’re going to criticize someone, please try to at least spell correctly.

    As for me, I think this really shouldn’t be an issue. 2 weeks should be enough to properly evaluate a phone and decide if it’s something I’d like to keep. So no, if the Lumia ends up being an AT&T exclusive, it won’t be a problem.

  4. Hey guys, language please… Let’s keep the discussion civil. 🙂

    @whatsa2:disqus – Thanks for the question. Android Central was cited as a source because we learned about the policy changes through them. We, however, decided to focus on the Lumia 920 as it looks like the phone may end up being exclusive to the carrier. Hope that clarifies things for you.

    @:disqus – I agree. 2 weeks should probably be enough for most people but I was curious if there are any customers out there who might need more time to decide and if it would affect their choice of carrier.

  5. @7139fb00a48ecb80e47a9e2e5f189c9e:disqus -Agree 100% about Nokia and their phone builds. If WP8 delivers, I think that this could really be Nokia’s ticket to a comeback

  6. Why associate AT&T’s return policy to the best smartphone on the planet? People return phones that over promise and under perform (Android with lag, freezes, crashes, viruses, terrible battery life, etc. Apple 5 with its extra row of icons, umm, gosh).
    Your article is retarded. Maybe the carrier has lost an exorbitant amount of money from the returns of ipod phone 4+1cm and decided on this policy.
    And that reminds me, all those returns of the ipod phone, regardless of the reason that it’s a piece of shite or if it was scratched to buggery already, new ipod phone buyers will be receiving these as refurbished units but thinking it’s a new unit, itardation at its finest!!

  7. Shitty return policy from a shitty company. AT&T and Verizon are the most evil of all the carriers. Why anybody would shop with them is beyond me.

  8. Lol…SOO many apple users are switching to Lumia…No ones happy with the new upgrades…
    Enjoy your purple haze photos 🙂
    I’ll have the best camera on a smartphone!

  9. Wouldn’t have switched to AT&T for this phone anyway. ETF or no.

    Nokia screwed up. I’d have bought this phone no questions asked had they made it available on T-Mobile. But now? Forget it.

  10. But you deliberately try to associate the stunning Lumia 920 with returns.
    Try associating it with something relevant like excellent low light photos, wireless charging, NFC, best display technology, durable unibody that doesn’t scratch nor shatter, operating system tied to the largest ecosystem in the world, etc.

  11. The policy is in effect TODAY so any reference to impacted phones would be currently available phones. Not a phone that is not yet for sale. It maybe a side note that it will apply to all newer releases in the future( all phones). This has nothing to do with unavailable products
    If you were more honest … you would admit it.

  12. Then Henry are you challenged?… It should not be titled lumia 920 and return policy. iphone5 or others yes. The focal point was the 920 and the return policy… This is idiotic and if you cannot see that you are no smarter than them.
    Or just equally dishonest( this would be my guess)

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