Nokia Truck Jabs At Samsung

The upcoming battle between Nokia and Samsung is slowly heating up, as Nokia continues to take jabs at the company. Both Nokia and Samsung are gearing up to do battle when the first set of Windows Phone 8 smartphones go on sale in the coming months.

Right there on Nokia’s Facebook page lies a strange looking picture, some of you might understand its meaning, while the rest of you might be scratching your heads in utter confusion. You see, after Apple defeated Samsung in the patent trial in the United States, and was awarded $1.49 billion in damages, ouch. Not too long after the jury made its final verdict, a Mexican parody website ran a story claiming Samsung had paid off the $1.49 billion owed to Apple in 5 cent coins.

These coins were brought to Apple’s headquarters in 30 trucks, according to the Mexican website. The story quickly went viral and become a running joke for many Android and Samsung fans to use in their war with words against fans of Apple.

The picture on Nokia’s Facebook page shows two toy trucks, one offloading 5 cent coins, while the other is carrying a Lumia. This is a direct jab at Samsung, one that should definitely put a snarl on Samsung’s CEO if he should ever lay eyes on this cocky move by Nokia.

Hey, we like this new attitude Nokia is depicting, however, the company has better be able to back stand up to the challenge Samsung has laid down with the ATIV S Windows Phone 8 device, when everything is shown at the event on September 5th. It would be such a shame for Nokia to be going on in this manner, then falls flat on its face when push comes to shove.

The Nokia held in event on September 5th, is expected to see the company showing off a trio of Windows Phone 8 devices, two of which are said to have PureView lens onboard. Nokia is also expected to announce its first Windows 8 tablet, and possibly reviving the Booklet. The Booklet 3G was Nokia’s first and only foray into the world of Netbooks, too bad  follow up wasn’t on the cards.