NSA Saves America By Hiring Through Tweets

If there was ever a time to be worried about the type of people that are protecting America against “terrorism” and spying on pretty much everyone on Earth, it is now. The National Security Agency (NSA) has ended up with a horrible reputation following leaks from former contractor Edward Snowden and now, the agency looks even worse as it is hiring people through Twitter.

NSA Saves America By Hiring Through TweetsYep, that’s right, it is looking for employees who can decrypt a simple post on Twitter. On Monday, the agency in charge of dragnet surveillance for the US tweeted a cryptic message that turned out to read, “want to know what it takes to work at nsa? check back each monday as we explore careers essential to protecting your nation.”

NSA Hiring Through Twitter?

So, technically, the agency is not hiring through that tweet alone. Instead, an NSA spokesperson clarified that the agency would be posting cryptic messages during May in order to attract the best possible employees. The message was decrypted within minutes and was actually simple to figure out, so unlike what some had originally though, the NSA wasn’t just drunk and typing out random letters.

Even though there is more to the employment process than figuring out what the agency is tweeting, this sort of move just seems unprofessional. The NSA is one of the most hated organizations in the world because of how widespread its spying is, and now it is tweeting out cryptic messages to the public?

Seriously, if someone that works for the NSA has access to everyone’s information, you’d think that the agency would be looking for candidates in the most formal way possible. The NSA is not a small security startup looking for young individuals to get in on the ground floor, it is instead the largest dragnet surveillance agency in the world.

Summary: The NSA tweeted a cryptic message on Monday. The post turned out to be in regards to hiring. The NSA has clarified that it is posting the cryptic messages in order to attract the best possible candidates. If people can decrypt the posts, then apparently they should be working for the world’s largest spy agency.

image via nsacareers

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