OnePlus 3 announced with a $399 price tag and a ton of amazing hardware

OnePlus has always stuck with an effective pricing model that allowed it to wreak havoc when it first introduced its OnePlus One. Fast forward to 2016, we have another flagship smartphone that not just provides you with high-end hardware, but it will make sure that you don’t break the bank while making that purchase. Let us come straight to the hardware specifications of the phone. The phone features a 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display, and while we have seen AMOLED displays become a common sight on smartphones and tablets, this is definitely the first time that we have seen the term Optic being used.

The 5.5-inch screen features a 1080p resolution, so as far as battery life is concerned, you will be able to take out quite a bit of it because less number of pixels are going to be pushed around the screen. For a $399 smartphone, there are several things that you get in return, but we have yet to see a phone feature 6GB of RAM and cost that aforementioned price tag. Currently, OnePlus 3 offers you with such a solution, making it one of the most affordable and highly spec’d-out smartphones of 2016.

Another technology that you might not have heard of was that the phone charges using OnePlus’ own Dash Charge technology, which speeds up the battery charging process from 0-60 percent in just 30 minutes. The battery capacity is on the low side, and we believe that OnePlus could have done much better than attach a 3,000mAh to its flagship phone.

However, the rear camera is a Sony Exmor IMX298 16MP sensor that can record 4K videos, while the back camera is a Sony Exmor IMX179 8MP sensor. Being a flagship smartphone, OnePlus 3 is also rocking that killer metal body and comes in the colors Graphite and Soft Gold, for the affordable price of $399.