OnePlus 3 gets its official sample images and they look spectacular

OnePlus 3 is officially here for the price of $399 for the 6GB RAM version and most Chinese manufacturers offer us a lot of things in return for an affordable smartphone package. It is just that later down the road, there are always some questionable decisions taken by that particular company when they offer that affordable price. Sometimes it has something to with cheap build quality and occasionally, a storage card slot is not present, and most of the time, the cameras on both sides end up being the complete opposite of what was advertised by the company.

With the announcement of OnePlus 3, we have seen numerous changes come to the device, and one major upgrade comes from the camera sensor. Featuring a 16MP Sony Exmor IMX298, this sensor is able to take decent quality images and it is also able to record 4K videos, along with 720p at 120fps to edit slow-motion videos. Most smartphone cameras do not feature an optical stabilization chip to cut costs, but we are glad to see that OnePlus knowns the benefits of such a chip and therefore decided to place it there.

While you’re enjoying these official camera samples, we also want to tell you that for the price of $399, you not only get an OnePlus 3 in a metallic body, but a Snapdragon 820 becomes a part of the hardware, and you get 64GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, an expandable storage slot is not a part of the list. Regardless, there is also a 3,000mAh battery that is able to charge from 0-60 percent in 30 minutes courtesy of an exclusive OnePlus technology called Dash Charge. There is nothing special about this fast-charging feature other than the fact that it is able to behave in the same manner as Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0.

Looking at these official camera samples, OnePlus 3 has managed to fix the tiny bad spots that were a part of OnePlus 2 and we are glad that companies rectify these mistakes with devices that are expected to launch the year after.

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