Online gaming innovations

The online gaming scene is never static and is always changing. This year is no different, and we’re looking forward to getting more of these 4 gaming innovations:

Betting and Real Money Gaming

This year gamers can look forward to one more potential money-making avenue. Real money gaming has made its way to online casino, and very soon it will be online gaming’s turn.

Casino enthusiasts rejoiced when their favorite games were ported over to mobile and the web, something that game developers should pay attention to if they want to thrive.

New Payment Methods

Not everyone has access to a credit card they can use to make online gaming purchases. The same goes with a PayPal account or mobile phone billing. However, the industry is shifting to make it easier for players to spend their money on their favorite games.

New payment methods such as Neteller, Apple Pay and similar platforms will soon be supported on all major games, whether it’s on mobile or computer.

Artificial Intelligence for Greater Immersion

AI can make enemies and NPCs smarter and change how they’re often perceived.

With the technology we have now it’s not difficult for a company to create bots that can analyze their opponents’ actions and strategize like a real human being.

Off-game, AI can provide avenues of communication. For instance, they can be used for 24/7 queries and address concerns.

Online Gaming Goes Mobile

There’s no doubt that mobile gaming will continue to rise in the foreseeable future. The convenience and accessibility serves to draw even non-gamers into the fray. What’s more, there’s more than enough games and genres to satisfy even the most discerning individual.

Those who own a smartphone can pick out a game, download it and start playing. Most are casual-themed, which means there’s a zero learning curve and yet enjoyable enough to pass the time.