Do you love your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, etc smartphone? The mother of all of these devices is the original iPhone Steve Jobs introduced at Macworld San Francisco on this date eight years ago today!

It did’t just change the phone business, iPhone and the many, many Apple and knockoff products that followed, some brilliant, change the world. And, the original iPhone and all of its children continue to change the world.

“Are you getting it?” enthused Jobs. Clearly, some took longer than others to ‘get it,’ like Blackberry and Microsoft, but the world was nevertheless the changed.

“$500?!?” said Ballmer with a derisive laugh.

While Ballmer famously balked at copying the iPhone, Google’s Eric Schmidt new a winner when he saw one — searchzilla, which had been building a Blackberry clone — and quickly refocussed Android development on copying the iPhone.

And, the rest, as they say, is history. Windows and Blackberry struggle to regain relevance let alone their former prominence and Android, though initially a bad copy, has gone on to greatness.

Happy birthday, original iPhone you made the world a much, much better place…

What’s your take?

Via: FastCompany, Source: Wikipedia
Image Source: Joy of Tech

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