Apple is all about superlatives. iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c sales blew past 9 million units in just three days, while iOS 7 adoption rocketed to 50 percent in under a week. Likewise, OS X Mavericks adoption easily surpassed 10 percent, besting Windows 8, in the first week. However, new OS X 10.9 installs have stalled since.

What’s up with that?

When Apple released OS X Mavericks, free for users of OS X 10.6 or later, it also unleashed iWork ’13 and iLife ’13. Needless to say, with individual users each downloading 20GB each, Apple needed to deliver massive volumes of data to millions around the world.

In fact, according to web metrics firm Sandvine, OS X Mavericks and iApp upgrades led to a 10X spike in Apple update activity on release day, October 22. That’s nearly twice the data volume generated by the OS X Mavericks release.

Mavericks adoption easily surpassed 10 percent, besting Windows 8, in the first week. However, new OS X 10.9 installs have stalled since.

Since then, however, OS X Mavericks adoption has largely stalled.

The Fairer Platform, which has been tracking Mavericks adoption, noted that first week OS X 10.9 market share hit 12 percent and has since plateaued at about 15 percent. That’s about half the current adoption rate of OS X Mountain Lion’s, last year’s Apple desktop release.

Again, what’s up with that?

Mavericks Adoption Turns into a Bug Hunt

Although Mavericks is free, only so many users, lab rats if you will, were willing to take the plunge. Further, those users discovered a number of bugs that affect Safari, Mail, iBooks and networking (SMB2).

None of these problems alone represents a show stopper per se. Nevertheless, enterprise sys admins and cautious individual users alike are sitting on their hands until Apple addresses these issues.

That said, Apple has just seeded OS X 10.9.1 to developers.

The question is, though, will Mavericks adoption resume its upward climb?

Are you an early Mavericks adopter or have you held off installing OS X 10.9? Finally read to upgrade?

  1. I updated to Mavericks. Then I sorely regretted it. Spotlight simply won’t stop indexing… every time I restart my computer, it begins anew and takes forever. The only way to stop it was to make practically all my drives unavailable to it. Then there is the loss of the capacity to open folders in a new window without pressing the command key… Apple seems to know how I should work best and did away with the function in favor of tabs, that themselves won’t work unless you choose for them to do so by a menu. Otherwise, everything opens in the same window. Then there is the matter of the tags… I won’t complain too much about that… but I did like the very noticeable highlighted text that is now gone in their favor. In addition, none of my icons on my desktop will remain where I put them when I restart my computer. What ever icons I have on my desktop switch screens, trading places with those on my other monitor (I have three). My mid-2012 Mac Pro is hardly as fast as it is under 10.6.8 (in my opinion, their best OS, and the one I still predominately use). And, then there is that horrendous program iBooks that managed to hose my entire collection of books (maintained on a separate drive along with my mp3’s). The program, without warning or providing the choice, decided to delete over 1,300 books from that drive and hide them away, renaming them to boot (also without warning or choice) some cryptic alpha numeric string of gibberish in the process. iBooks does not provide the capacity to see where the books are located once it hides them away in that now invisible home Library folder. Not that it does you much good when you do find them. Luckily, I kept a backup and was able to restore everything. But I’m not about to use Mavericks as my main OS where I would have to sync my iPad and iPhone up to it… god only knows what havoc would be wreaked from that blunder. In closing, I can only wonder what Apple is up to these days… seems like they have taken a hint from Microsoft to create the most cumbersome pieces of bloatware possible while patting themselves on the back and telling us all how revolutionary they are. And, in closing… as for “free,” I remember when the entire suite of iLife was FREE. Now, everyone seems to be falling all over themselves because Apple has once again made it so… as if that were never the case. Yeah… you could say I’m a little bit irritated. But… Oh… we have a new Mac Pro in the shape of a revolutionary trash can to look forward to in December! Proving, once again, that Apple doesn’t give a whit about its professional users–i mean, can you imagine the clutter that is going to surround that pretty little Dalek?

  2. There are plenty of folks who are still running 10.6 because of Rosetta and PowerPC application compatibility. For example, the file translation program MacLinkPlus, which allows you to open older Mac documents and has been discontinued, was never updated to an Intel version.

  3. Ha ha. You should’ve looked around the forums a bit before you went to those extremes. Getting all your books back in the library is a simple task.

  4. Hi I updated to mavericks when it first came out and wish I would not of as it corrupt ed my HD which I have sorted but for some reason it has made my macbook pro(mid 2012) slow and also I am a digital dj using traktor pro 2.6.6 and it is even making that unstable I’m not even trying at mo?is there a way of reverting back to my old os x as everything was fine up to the mavericks?if someone can help me please do?thanks

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