OSRS Beginner Money Making Guide

Whether you’re coming back from a long hiatus or a complete beginner in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), making money in the game is something you should learn fast. OSRS gold is the most valuable item in the game in terms of what you can do with it.

You can even make real money out of it if you’re able to get lots of OSRS gold in the future. You’d be surprised to know that there are people whose full-time job involves playing OSRS where they can sell OSRS gold for profit.

But much like anyone new to the game, they started doing these OSRS beginner money-making methods before they were able to do difficult but highly profitable tasks.

Best Money Making Methods For OSRS Beginners

Since you don’t have many gold and good items to use yet nor high-level skills as a beginner, you should focus on low-level money-making methods first.


One way to make good money as a beginner is by skilling or leveling up some of your OSRS skills first. There are currently 23 skills you can train for in OSRS, however, if you don’t have RuneScape membership, then you’re only allowed to train 15 Free-to-Play (F2P) skills.

Don’t worry, you can become a RuneScape member any time you want, but for this money making guide, we’re going to focus on these F2P skills first.

The most profitable OSRS skills are those that are difficult to level up, these are Runecrafting and Mining. Leveling up these skills and selling whatever you’re able to gather while doing so be it ores or runes will earn you a good amount of money. You can expect to make around 100,000 OSRS GP per hour training your OSRS skills, but this heavily depends on your current level.

Slaying Cows

If you want to train your combat skills while also making a profit in the process, then you should try slaying cows in Lumbridge. There are a lot of cows there and those can keep you very busy for hours.

Killing cows at farms will allow you to gather cowhides. Cowhides don’t have much worth on them as-is, so you have to turn them into leather. You can do this by going to Al Kharid and paying a shopkeeper there a small fee to turn your hide into leather. Just look for a brown shirt marked shop on the map if you’re unfamiliar with him.

You can earn around 50,000 to 70,000 OSRS GP per hour going back and forth between Lumbridge, Al Kharid, and the bank.

Crafting Gold Amulets

If you’re able to reach Level 8 Crafting, then you can try crafting Gold Amulets for profit. You’re basically flipping items here so you have to verify the latest prices for Gold Bars and Gold Amulets if this is going to be profitable for you in the end.

Prices change on the Grand Exchange, so the money you can earn for this method may vary, but you can expect to earn about 100,000 OSRS GP per hour crating Gold Amulets.

Wines of Zamorak

A popular money-making method for beginners and F2P players, stealing wines on the table at the Chaos Temple, located northwest of Goblin Village, can earn you a good profit when you’re just starting to play OSRS.

The wines are guarded by the Monks of Zamorak, but you can easily take it from them by using Telekinetic Grab spell. These wines are often used to create ranging potions, so there’s a good demand for them in the Grand Exchange.

Hopefully, this OSRS beginner money making guide of ours was able to help you on your RuneScape journey. Be sure to acquire better OSRS items as you level up your skills and get enough gold. This will allow you to level up faster and do more profitable tasks.