Our Favorite Sleep Products for 2021

Do you lay in bed at night struggling to fall asleep? Or do you have a hard time staying asleep and find yourself constantly waking up throughout the night, disrupting your REM cycle? Whether you battle insomnia or are struggling with a different sleep disorder, poor sleep can impact your daily life and overall health significantly.

Rather than relying on medicine or another sleep aid, try out alternative sleep products to help combat sleep issues. From melatonin to guided sleep meditation apps, your options are wide and varied and can hopefully restore your ability to fall into blissful sleep.


CBD oil is becoming more and more popular in the wellness space as an alternative, natural remedy. Although research is inconclusive as to the exact benefits of CBD, many swear by CBD products. An extract from the hemp plant, CBD, or cannabidiol, is used to alleviate symptoms related to chronic pain and anxiety. Containing only trace amounts of THC, CBD products don’t have any of the psychoactive side effects of cannabis. CBD comes in the form of topicals and edibles, available as products such as tinctures, gummies, and oils.

With its calming effects, using CBD before going to bed has the potential to relieve the severity of sleep disorders by helping you relax before bed. As part of your bedtime routine, try out a CBD for sleep tincture infused with CBD and essential oils like lavender and chamomile. For the best results, hold an appropriate dosage under your tongue for a couple of minutes and ease your way into a restful sleep.

Weighted Blanket

Many swear by the effectiveness of weighted blankets, whichcontain objects such as plastic pellets and metal beads that make them significantly heavier than a typical duvet. The blankets essentially simulate a comforting hug, which theoretically should help comfort and calm the nervous system. Although they aren’t for everyone and shouldn’t be used with certain disorders, some people find that the added weight of the blanket is calming and reduces anxiety, similar to swaddling a baby. You may also find that the blanket helps you feel more settled in bed, which can help alleviate insomnia. While they aren’t a miracle cure for sleepless nights and restless sleep, consult a specialist and experiment with the use of a weighted blanket.

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow

For a smaller and more portable weighted option, you may want to try out a weighted eye pillow. Crafted with luxe materials like satin and velvet, eye pillows are filled with small beads or flax seeds to add extra weight and are often infused with calming aromatherapy scents like lavender. Place one of these pillows over your eyes as you settle into bed and look forward to a good night’s rest.

Blue Light Glasses

Phones, TVs, and other screens can be highly detrimental to your quality of sleep. Too much time on screens, particularly at the time right before bedtime, can contribute to sleep issues. While it is ideal to stop using screens that emit blue light two hours before going to sleep, that isn’t always a realistic expectation in an age when our work and lives are intimately connected to technology.

On days when you’ll have to be using your computer or phone later than you like, invest in a pair of blue light glasses, which block out blue light. Wear the glasses at least two hours before you go to bed if you’re still using screens at that time. By incorporating these glasses into your before bedtime routine, you’ll be contributing to improved sleep patterns and helping overcome sleep problems.

White Noise Machine

White noise machines emit soothing noises, such as rainfall, crashing waves, and chirping birds. These background noises encourage relaxation, helping you get better sleep. With a variety of different nature-sounds to choose from, these portable machines are small enough to travel with. Whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home, drift off to sleep to the soothing sounds of the rainforest or ocean.