Price: $4.99   Score: 6/10    Genre: Classic Games

Namco’s motto for Pac-Man on the iPad seems to have been encompassed in a single word– classic. True to its original form with straightforward gameplay and that sound effect palate of sirens and disappearing yellow dots, Pac-Man stays old and true while gaining some space to roam around in comparison to the Pac-Man iPhone app.

Just like its iPhone predecessor, there are two methods for controlling Pac-Man.  The first is via a classic joystick and the second is swipe-in-the-direction you want him to go navigation.  Either way, Pac-Man on the iPad is almost precisely responsive and just like the old days of yesteryear.

The game allows for seven different stages (all the same classic, static maze), and original, easy, and normal modes for varying speeds and levels of difficulty. Just like the namesake game, Pac-Man must avoid his enemies, consume ghosts to send them into a prison box temporarily, and eat various fruits to supplement his gold dot diet.

The game is fun, but I would have loved to have seen an accelerometer controller that allows Pac-Man to evade Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde as you tilt the screen, as well as more mazes, a guest appearance or two by Ms. Pac-Man and multi-player functionality.

Bottom Line: Pac-Man will always be a great game for purists and it looks good on the iPad, but for $4.99 we wish there were more carefully added, heritage friendly features.