Panasonic Announces 4K Wearable Action Camera

4K is finally ready for prime time and advancements in camera technology are helping to push the new resolution into the mainstream. Now, Panasonic has introduced what it is calling the world’s first wearable 4K camera capable of shooting at 25 frames per second, the HX-A500.

Panasonic Announces 4K Wearable Action CameraWearable 4K cameras are hard to come by no matter what and GoPro’s is only capable of shooting at 15 frames per second, thereby making the HX-A500 far superior.

In a four minute video, Panasonic showed what it is like to record a plethora of activities in 4K with the HX-A400. Since the device is relatively compact it should work in most situations much like a GoPro.

A cable connects the camera to the body with the former being attached to the user’s head and the latter being strapped to the user’s arm. This setup does not appear to be troublesome, although that will only be confirmed through testing the device.

One of the nice things about the HX-A500, which Panasonic also shows in the video, is that you can use the bendable cable to aim the small camera in tight areas. So, even though you will be wearing the camera most of the time, it could also be held for close shots.

According to Panasonic, the camera is dustproof and waterproof and will be able to record for 30 minutes at a time and at 10 feet under water.

There are also a handful of shooting options included in the camera such as slow (200 frames per second), 100 fps in 720p, and 50fps in full HD. As far as features go, the HX-A500 will including Leveling Correction and Image Stabilization.

Most of the release details have now been made public with the exception of where the HX-A400 will actually be sold. The camera will retail for $626 and will debut in May.

Question – Is buying a 4K camera like the HX-A500 worth it when considering the cost of 4K monitors or TVs?


Summary: Panasonic has announced the world’s first wearable 4K camera capable of shooting at 20 frames per second. The HX-A500 will cost $626 and will be released in May.

image credit: panasonic