Parcelle by Softbears is an Android App that can relate to us all. We’ve all had multiple packages that need tracking from multiple delivery companies, only to be confused by the long tracking numbers and which one belongs where.

That’s where Parcelle comes in, and it doesn’t disappoint.

parcelle-2 parcelle

Parcelle for Android

With an incredibly simple but effective and easy to follow user interface, Parcelle allows you to track your different packages from a variety of sources: DHL, UPS, FedEx and i-Parcel packages  to name a few.

What I liked about Parcelle is that you’re notified of any status change for any of your tracked packages, saving valuable time not having to continuously hit that refresh button – we’ve all been there!

Parcelle can track local and international packages in 80 countries, including USA, Europe and China and EMS packages in 27 countries, including Europe and China.

What’s neat about the App is you can also see where your various parcels are on a Map, giving you a rough idea of how far away it may be. Parcelle for Android also keeps a history of your tracked parcels just in case they ever need to be referred to at a later date.

The App is incredibly simple to use – just input your tracking number and Parcelle does the rest.

Parcelle is one of its kind for the functionality that it offers, and whilst it may not stand out on the surface from the other Android Apps which offer similar functionality, it’s the added support for the massive amount of packages and different references that makes Parcelle a winner.

And best of all? It’s free. Parcelle for Android is the best package tracking App you can get on Android, for free, to date. So don’t delay, you can download it now from the Google Play Store here.