Pencilicious ipad app

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Pencilicious is an iPad app developed by aaaaapp! LLC. This amazing app is a gorgeous drawing tool, but it also offers a wonderful tool for artists and non-artists alike to collaborate and share ideas.

The name of this app may have the word “pencil” right in it, but this gorgeous tool actually focuses more on inks. There are tons of colors, brushes, and styles that can be used to make your creations really pop. This app is perfect for artists, but also great for anyone who just wants to jot down some ideas.

Pencilicious ipad appPencilicious

But Pencilicious isn’t just a place to record your artistic sketches: it is a tool that makes your art better. If you draw an imperfect square, you can wiggle the corners to make it perfect.

While the applications for artists and designers are clear, Pencilicious is also a must-try app for people in a variety of other professions. For example, Pencilicious offers calendar and to-do list functions that can help design teams and creative professionals interface with non-creatives. Users can also record musical notes in a Music Staff Notebook: perfect for composers or musicians.

Pencilicious ipad appPencilicious ipad app

Pencilicious is an app that is made perfect because of little touches. You can select one of 15 types of background “paper” to give your work depth and texture. The organizational options are also quite robust.

Even cooler: you can choose any image from your photo library to add to your notebook. Once on your page, you can then resize the image and either make notes alongside it or draw on top of it. Could there be a better tool for designers or teams working in collaboration?

I’ve tried tons of drawing and note-taking apps over the past year. Pencilicious is far and away the best option out there. Buy it. Buy it now. There’s a full version, and a free version: the full/Plus version is worth every penny.

Pencilicious is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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