Perfect Hit! iPhone Game

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Perfect Hit! is an iPhone game developed by Avalon Dreams / Five Stars Games Inc. If you have a destructive bent, this brightly-colored gaming landscape lets you knock down piles of stuff to your heart’s content.

This game is designed to appeal to fans of both bowling and “knock ’em down” carnival games. Basically, your job is to knock down various blocks from a tabletop using a flicking motion to control your projectiles.

Perfect Hit! iPhone Game Perfect Hit! iPhone Game

For a game like Perfect Hit! to really connect with gamers, it needs to master two things: the physics for when the blocks fall down, and the control mechanism for launching projectiles. I’m happy to say that Perfect Hit! nailed both of these aspects, creating an overall gaming experience that is immensely satisfying.

The game has a great overall look. Not only are the levels and characters designed with a lot of charm and whimsy, but the graphics are Retina-ready and utterly gorgeous. 3D doesn’t always look as good as it does in Perfect Hit!

Perfect Hit! iPhone Game Perfect Hit! iPhone Game

Bonus elements keep the game feeling fresh, even after prolonged play. Cloning balls, exploding oranges, and dynamite keep Perfect Hit! fun. There are tons of levels, spread over five distinct worlds, so the game’s visual landscape is always changing.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve encountered such a fun game. I love the physics, the controls, and the sheer magnitude of this title.

Boasting great graphics and tons of charm, Perfect Hit! is a totally addictive mobile gaming title that will appeal to both kids and adults. There are over 200 levels, which makes this pay-to-play title feel like a great investment.

Perfect Hit! is also available for Android devices. Learn more about it on Google Play.

Perfect Hit! requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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