Perfect Piano iPad App

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Today I’m reviewing Perfect Piano by Revontulet Soft Inc which is, as the name suggests, a piano tool and training app for both iPads and smartphones. As a freelance composer myself I was quite pleased to check out this one but I did have my doubts. Is it really possible to learn piano or keyboard the authentic way by using an app on your iPad or even smartphone? My thoughts? Read on..

Taking the keyboard for a spin

When first launching the app I was confronted with a three option menu. First I could immediately head into learning to play the piano, secondly I could just use a keyboard all fun and free on my own and the third option was to listen to saved recordings I undertook on the app.

I decided to first go check out the actual keyboard and see what it had to offer. I was very pleased with the amount of options available and found myself playing around with the keys for a solid fifteen minutes before heading into the actual meat of the app?learning to play the keyboard.

First let me talk about the different options available to you. You can map the amount of keys according to your own wishes, being able to cover anything from a single octave to as many as you like.

Do keep in mind the keys get a lot thinner the larger your playing range. More keys might seem convenient at first but as long as you don’t have baby fingers you will find it quite hard to play them correctly.

Luckily there’s also the option to actually hook up a midi device to the app. This way you can actually play along on your keyboard or midi controller and of course this is a lot more fun and much more lucrative in the end.

You can adjust the sound of your keyboard from synths to orchestras and other packs that come at an additional price. You can set a metronome if you want to improvise on rhythm as well which is always a great addition.

Learning to play the keyboard with Perfect Piano

The app offers a few ways for you to actually learn to play the keyboard. Actually it is almost identical to the computer program Synthesia, just a lot less engaging and sophisticated which in the end is my only problem with Perfect Piano. There’s ways for you to learn simple songs with simple notes on one hand and then there’s modes for both hands with actual chords on both software anyway, though.

My final thoughts

Like I said before Perfect Piano is just a fun way to spend some time for the creative younger audience while older audience can actually benefit from the app by hooking up a midi device and learning to play songs. Without a midi device the only thing I see professional artists gain from this is interval and pitch training but there are tons of other resources already available just for that.

I’d recommend Synthesia for the computer before Perfect Piano just because a computer has a bigger screen and it has a lot more immersion but nonetheless I had fun with Perfect Piano and there is definitely potential for learning with the app. Perfect Piano also lets you record your own stuff which is certainly a big plus for the app. The thing Perfect Piano has over Synthesia is also that it comes for free so it has that going for it anyway.

Perfect Piano requires iOS 7.1 or higher and is also compatible with iPhone