Pixol iPhone Game

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Pixol is an iPhone game developed by Stefano Figurelli. In this fast-paced puzzler, you’ll need to restore parts of missing images before the clock runs down.

Pixol has a very unique look. The images that each puzzle is based on are high quality, beautifully shot photographs. These photos are pulled from Instagram, and they are uniquely beautiful. The photos are of a variety of things, including nature and landscapes.

You need to tap on circles which include parts of the original image, and figure out where those missing pieces fit into the greater whole. This ain’t your momma’s idea of a jigsaw puzzle!

Pixol iPhone Game Pixol iPhone Game

What makes Pixol more than just a matching game is how these missing pieces react. Sometimes, they will spin in circles, making it hard to see them clearly. Other times, you’ll need to tap an obstacle out of the way in order to see the missing piece. All the while, there is a ticking clock in the background.

Pixol is a game that can be played when you are offline or online. As an offline puzzler alone, it is very fun. However, it is even more fun when played online. Online play lets you connect with your Instagram account with options to like, follow and comment during gameplay.

Pixol iPhone Game Pixol iPhone Game

There’s a lot to like in Pixol. The interface is intuitive. The controls are responsive. The puzzles are creative and the gameplay is fast-paced. There are even animal-inspired puzzles targeted towards younger players!

Boasting 120 stunning photographs from 25 of the best photographers of Instagram, Pixol is a puzzle game for people who love beautiful photos. It’s also a puzzler that will appeal to people who like games that are fast-paced and a bit “brain-bendy.”

Pixol requires iOS 6.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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