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Player’s Hub: Nine Online Gaming Hacks That Are Worth A Shot



Nine Online Gaming Hacks That Are Worth A Shot

Online gaming is an entirely different world for avid gamers. Online gaming brings people together, no matter how far they are that very moment. It makes multiplayer gaming even more fun and enjoyable. While, in these modern times, many people are also shifting from traditional story plays to competitive online gaming. A beginner will instantly become an avid gamer. But in the case of online gaming, the prospects are different. People with less experience in online gaming might find it difficult in the beginning. Whether it is the gear configuration or online gaming rules, beginners are overwhelmed with the online gaming world.

Online gaming allows you to make tons of online friends from around the world. The joy and benefits of making friends also bring new tactics to get better in your favorite game. On the other side, competitive gaming has never been more convenient. It takes a lot of considerations to finally get to the point where you can pull off the matches. No one wishes to be a guy who loses the game and welcomes all the embarrassment along. However, there are always different tactics and hacks that can assist you in getting better in online gaming. With that said, let’s discuss nine online gaming hacks that are worth a shot.


Gamers have always heard the word “Practice” when it comes to getting better at any game. The practice is indeed the most critical tactic in online gaming. Since everyone competes against other players to win the game, practicing the maps and game mechanics is essential. Online games require time for practicing and research to master all the skills provided by the game.

If you desire competitive gaming, then you can also watch different matches played on Esports entertainment. Esports conduct yearly events for various games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, League of Legends, and more. Watching these esports games can help you to find the skills and practices that are essential to winning the battles. Many known esports teams like team liquid lol only made through these events by honing their skills. In this instance, going down the route of practicing is essential to getting good at the game.


Video game lag has always been a No. 1 enemy of competitive gamers. The slowdown is nothing else but a delay in the delivery of packets from the network. The network lag depends on the latency of the internet. This latency gets measured by the time required for the signal from your device to the game server. In short, it is the round trip between your game and the server. For that, the shorter latency means little delays, thus no lag.

Most of the gaming consoles come with both wireless and wired internet services for connecting to the internet. Many professional gamers always advise using wired internet to reduce latency issues. The main reason for using the wired internet is that wireless Wi-Fi has a lot of interference. This interference reduces the performance of the internet in the area. It is true that, in most cases, it is impossible to use wired internet for gaming. However, if you are looking for a network boost on the game, then wired internet is the best choice.


It is a common fact that the hardware and its configuration always determine gaming performance. However, in the case of online gaming, you will have to focus on the network than just the hardware. Now, most of the games also specify the internet speed in the recommended requirements. The slower internet can increase the trouble for lag, thus affecting the gameplay. Upgrade your web to the respective game’s condition and you are all good to go.


Your gaming gear plays a prominent role in winning a competitive match online; thus, a suitable gaming controller or a gaming PC is essential. For that, it is always advised to spruce up the gaming gear to achieve desirable gaming results. Different keyboards, mouse, or controllers offer a variety of playstyles and features for the respective games. In this case, you can find gaming gear for your choice and practice your games on these devices.


We all know how public Wi-Fi is excruciatingly slow. Some of them might never connect to the device. The reason for that is your Wi-Fi may reach the limit of maximum users, who are using the internet at the same time. The larger flock of users decreases the internet availability on the routers. It is essential to reduce the number of users on the router to achieve the best network for the game.

You can check the number of users through the control panel of your router. The gaming performance will considerably suffer from a large number of users browsing the internet at the same time. It would be best if you always dropped off all the users before jumping into the gaming match.


Your game’s setting can also impact the overall online gaming experience. Many people overlook this factor and scratch their heads for losing the games. If you game on PC or laptop, then you might know the importance of the game settings for gameplay. Most of the people always play in the highest possible settings to enjoy the excellent and immersive graphics experience. However, you do not have to push the graphics to the limits in online gaming.

As discussed earlier, online gaming requires a lot of considerations for the best competitive experience. It is advisable to tone down the graphics while playing the online games to achieve a smooth gaming experience. The higher performance can reduce the frame rates of the gameplay. Moreover, running any other applications than just games will also affect the frame rates of the game.


As discussed earlier, the game lag occurs by the delay in communication between the game and the server. However, changing the location for connecting to the game server can improve the communication delay. As per professional recommendations, always choose local-based servers to enjoy the online gaming experience.


Updating the game can also help you to get the boost of performance on your gaming experience. Updates might seem annoying because of their unpredictable schedule. However, the update holds even more critical for the best online experience. Developers regularly release these updates to provide the best gaming experience to their players. These updates include many patches and fixes that can resolve the issues with online sessions.


Apart from anonymity, a VPN can give you more juice to the internet for online gaming. Since latency issues are complex to resolve, a VPN can allow you to connect to the nearest server location with minimum latency. Not just that, but VPN will also reduce packet loss, which results in lag in the online games.


With the sudden rise in gamers around the globe, it is essential to enhance the online gaming experience. Using these tricks and hacks can assist you to boost online gaming performance. Moreover, observing and analyzing your gameplay can also help you to become the best player in the game.