Playstation 4 Concept

According to the Playstation 4 rumor mill, the Orbis name, which first caught our attention earlier this year, has been attached to the Sony dev kits that are being sent out to their game development partners. What’s more, these kits are based on an AMD accelerated processing unit.

Playstation 4 Concept

Sources close to the situation recently spoke with VG247 and reveal that the Playstation 4 Orbis dev kit shipping out to developers is encased in a normal CPU case. Rumors also suggest that there will be four versions of the dev kit and what we have now is just the second:

“There are to be four versions of the dev kit, we were told. A previous version was essentially just a graphics card. The version shipping now is a ‘modified PC,’ and the third version, appearing in January, will be close to final spec. A final version will be delivered to developers ‘next summer’.”

Sony has supposedly been holding “disclosure meetings” at Sony’s offices to showcase and explain the capabilities of the machine. Sources reveal that the console is referred to as Orbis in this discussions and not Playstation 4.

The dev kits also give us a glimpse of the kind of technology we can expect from Sony’s next-generation console. It will supposedly have an APU (a  combined CPU and GPU) that is “derivative” of existing A10 hardware, a 256 GB hard drive and a Blu-ray optical drive. The dev kits are also shipping out with either 8 GB or 16 GB RAM..

According to the report, the “ultimate goal” of the Playstation 4 Orbis is to be able to “run 1080p60 games in 3D with ‘no problem,’ to create a machine that’s powerful enough for ‘today and tomorrow’s market.'”

We’ll keep an eye on anymore updates regarding Playstation 4 Orbis. In the meantime, what do you think of the latest rumors regarding the specs? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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