PlayStation 4 price

One of the biggest questions is the PlayStation 4 price, will it be over-the-top “maybe for Christmas” item, or will it be so cheap parents and kids could grab it whenever they want as a little treat?

As the Sony event edges closer every day, with the stage set for the new PlayStation 4 on Feb 20, many more leaks and rumours are coming out of the cracks and Sony are fighting to keep their PlayStation relatively quiet before launch.

PlayStation 4 price

PlayStation 4 price

According to Japanese daily Asahi Shimbun and reported by The Verge, the new PlayStation 4 price will be around 40,000 yen, or about $428. We believe Sony will market a little lower in the US, at $399.

The Japanese daily paper is one of high esteem and we wouldn’t rule out there is truth in this information. Unlike the China Times or DigiTimes, we can actually try to believe that this is true.

This price estimate also adds up with previous PlayStation 4 price rumours and leaks, all point to a $400, mid-range price point. This may be offset by the fact Sony and Microsoft may not let you resell games.

Asahi Shimbun has also said that the Dualshock controller for the PlayStation 4 will have a touchpad in the centre. Touchpad makes us think Sony is going for the Wii U look, and not just a navigation scroller.

Sony has had problems in the past trying to define exactly how much they should market their console. With some iterations of the console, the price was set at $599, while other times it was set as low as $269.

The PlayStation 4 price likely won’t been released at the event, we expect this will just be a huge animation, expensive and extravagant semi-launch of the PlayStation 4, without revealing too much on the console.

Either way, if the PlayStation 4 is at this event, which is most definitely will be, we are bound by the honour of all gamers to be excited about the possibilities of this new console.

Would you pay $400 for the new PlayStation 4 and what are the most wanted features? 

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