Price: $6.99   Score: 10/10   Category: Productivity

As an owner of the iPad you’re automatically accessorized to impress, but Pocket Informant HD by Web Information Solutions makes sure you’ve got a handle on more than just style.

With this new all in one calendar and to do list app you’ll have total control over your schedule, making sure you’re at your dates on time, every time (actual execution not guaranteed).

Pocket Informant HD’s interface is somewhat of a throwback to the old fashioned, color tabbed datebooks with monthly calendars, a place to your tasks, and much more. Better than any datebook though, this Pocket Informant keeps your pages free of illegible scribbles and paper space capacity issues, as well as offers color coding features without the extra bulk of carrying around a set of highlighters.

The app has separate tabs for Today, Calendar, Tasks, and Settings. The today tab is a front and center aggregate page of events and all tasks due that day with neat headers and an organized view.

The calendar tab offers a more comprehensive glance of all of your scheduling. Buttons along the top allow you to toggle between list, days, week, and monthly views of your tasks, and the capacity to color code and implement filtering to view only specific calendars, makes for hyper organization at a glance.

One of the slickest calendar related features is the ability to find the schedule location for each of your tasks via Google Maps integration. This app keeps you on time, on task, and where you need to be. I just wish you could present the location for places like “Home” and “Gym” etc.

Pocket Informant’s tasks tab keeps track of your to do list with priority, due dates, and filtering that will display only overdue tasks, soon to come due tasks, or absolutely everything right underneath your schedule for the day.

What’s most impressive about this app is its ability to integrate with almost every device in your life. Pocket Informant has apps on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and for your desktop, meaning that as long as you’re near some sort of a device your schedule is easily accessible.

Not only that, actually syncing is just as easy as it is to write down your schedule and to dos. It only takes a second to do manually if needed, and if you’re connected to the internet, syncing occurs automatically every 45 minutes. The calendar syncs to your desktop, iPhone, Google Calendar, and the to do list syncs with toodledo.

If you want to sync with Outlook though, you’re going to have to fork over another $5 to WebIS. Having all your schedule in one place though, is priceless so if you’re a scheduling guru this is an excellent solution.

Bottom Line: Pocket Informant HD is an excellent, all-in-one calendar and to do list integrates seamlessly with all the devices in your life, meaning you’re always in control of your schedule.


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