Pokerstars android app review 3

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The PokerStars Android app is a mobile version of the world-famous online Poker website, PokerStars. If you’re a seasoned Poker player looking for a Poker app which befits your expertise, your search may just be over.

When sifting through the various online Poker apps on the Google Play store, you’ll find poorly designed interfaces which are veered primarily towards beginners. Typically, they alert the player to the type of hand the possess, and display over-descriptive pop-ups which ruin the experience for those who already understand the game.

PokerStars on the other hand, have designed their app for the more experienced Poker player.

pokerstars android app review

Thanks to a clean, uncluttered game interface, you can easily immerse yourself in the intensity of each round. Experienced Poker players will enjoy the fact that PokerStars doesn’t indicate the strength of any hand throughout the game, nor does it indicate that a meaningful hand even exists. This means that actual knowledge of Poker plays a big role in PokerStars in comparison to it’s competitors.

Due to Google Play restrictions, betting actual money is not an option on PokerStar for Android. Despite this, a fairly lengthy signup process – including email verification, has to be carried out before you can play. For a ‘Freemium’ app, it’s strange that a guest account feature isn’t included.

However, once your account is up and running, it’s incredibly quick and easy to get into a game. Hitting ‘Play Now’ triggers the app to drop your directly into a table with a free seat, allowing you to immediately jump into the game with no waiting time.

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The simplicity of PokerStar’s gameplay is the driving factor behind it’s immersiveness and overall enjoyability.

Making decisions is nice and easy, as well as safe. The buttons to check, fold, call or raise are nicely sized which is important to ensure that the wrong button is not pressed by mistake. The last thing you want is to go ‘all in’ when you intend to fold.

Additionally, PokerStars allows you to play on multiple tables at any given time with. Each table you are seated at appears in a mini view at the top of the screen. To switch between tables, simply click on the one you wish to view by tapping on it’s  button. The app will always alert you when an action is required on a table that doesn’t you aren’t already viewing.

Visuals are predictably unsophisticated, due to the focus being on quick-tempo gameplay. Keeping distractions to a minimum in Poker games is vital, so PokerStars have done well to keep their app looking clean, yet simple.

PokerStars Android App is free to download and will work on any device running Android 2.2 or greater.