PolitiCam iPhone App Review

Price: FREE    Score: 8/10     Category: Entertainment

There’s a certain child-like glee one gets when playing with photo manipulators, and its that glee that makes PolitiCam a fun app, at least for a quarter of an hour. It was developed by Milk Drinking Cow, and for a free app, it’s a great buy.

The concept is simple: take a picture, and then chose an image of a political figure to overlay. You can make it look like you are the President are fishing buddies, or put a lovely lady on your arm.

To be fair, the name PolitiCam is a bit misleading: the app also includes non-political figures like Shakespeare and Marilyn Monroe. As for politcians, they run the gamut from the historical (Lincoln and Reagan) to the modern (Ron Paul, Palin, Obama) to the foreign (Prince William.)

As far are mechanics, the ability to move and adjust the size of the photo of the famous person you want to use is very simple and intuitive. It’s very easy to get exactly the right position and size of the image, though you do have to place it carefully, since most of the politicians are cropped from the chest down.

The interface is also very natural, and it’s easy to find the controls to select background images, trash your current image, and adjusting the camera’s flash and lenses.

The app has a Store function built in, which allows you to upgrade the app and download additional images of famous people. These include JFK, the Clintons, Queen Elizabeth II, Churchill, Nixon, and Thomas Jefferson.

Whether you’ve got kids or just like making silly pictures, this is an app that’s worth a try. After all, it’s easier than using Photoshop to make an image with Lincoln and Marilyn Monroe having a tea party.

Politicam is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.