PowerGuard iPhone App

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PowerGuard is an iPhone app developed by RebornInfo Co.,Ltd. More than just a power-saving battery life app, PowerGuard also acts as a privacy tool. In addition, this app helps you to see your phone’s storage, disk space, and CPU stats at a glance.

PowerGuard is organized into four main services: battery advisor, a private album, contacts backup, and general tips to help your iPhone run at peak efficiency.

PowerGuard iPhone App PowerGuard iPhone App

The private album is secured by a dot-pattern password of your choosing, which I think is a nicer option that the standard 4-digit PIN a lot of “secure” apps want you to use. The contacts backup is excellent, as it’s a dead simple drag ‘n drop interface. I can’t speak to the iPhone tips section, as it appeared to be down both times I tried to access it during testing.

The battery advisor is far and away the most robust feature of this app. You can quickly see your current charge level, and also get an estimate about how much time you have left on your battery based on your phone activity.

PowerGuard iPhone App PowerGuard iPhone App

In terms of the interface, this isn’t my favorite app in this category. While it is easy to see your phone’s storage, disk space, and CPU stats at a glance, I feel like the layout of this data could have been organized in a way that made better use of the available screen space. That being said, the navigation menu is thoughtfully laid out in a logical manner.

This app is free for a week-long period, starting from Feb. 14th. If you haven’t tried out this helpful productivity tool, now is a great time to snatch it up before the price increases. Overall, this app is well worth checking out, particularly if you grab it while it is still a freebie.

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PowerGuard requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.