Presentics iPad App

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Presentics is an iPad app developed by Pagico Software, Inc. If you are looking for an iPad-based tool for developing presentations, this is definitely an app you should check out!

The Pagico name be familiar to regular readers. A while back, we reviewed Pagico Software’s app Pagico, a planning and collaboration tool. We gave it a 9.7 ranking, so I had high expectations going into my first experience with Presentics.

Back in the day, Powerpoint was the gold standard of school and business presentations. Of course, that might have been because it was the only option many of us had access to. These days, the App Store has tons of different tools for creating presentations. I think that Presentics is very high up on that list of tools.

Presentics iPad App Presentics iPad App

Presentics is intuitive and minimalist, making the creation process extremely simple. You can add all kinds of media to your presentations, including audio and video.

You can control your presentations right from your app. You can display your screen for presentation purposes using AirPlay or a VGA cable.

One of the best features of the Presentics app is the “scrub bar.” Unlike other presentation apps that force you to move from slide to slide, the scrub bar lets you jump forwards or backwards in the presentation.

Two other features worth highlighting are Pointer mode and Pen mode. The former is great for drawing attention to a slide, while the latter is great for actually drawing ON the slides.

Presentics iPad App Presentics iPad App

While this app is available for free, the app is somewhat limited. The free version is full-featured, but it does have some limitations. You can only create two presentations, and the presentations cannot be shared over the cloud.

If you want to overcome these limitations, you need to upgrade from within the app. This will set you back $9.99, which is fairly comparable to other apps of this quality.

Overall, Presentics is a tool that is worth investing in for any student or professional. Definitely give this app a spin, because it’s ideal for making smart, powerful, and persuasive presentations.

Presentics requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPad.

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