Project 2019 license

Microsoft has launched the new Project 2019 to increase your overall work efficiency. You can easily keep track and organize your projects based on your priorities. Project 2019 license is specially designed for easy and fast project management. Its improvised features allow you to easily forward the progress details of your projects to all the stakeholders involved, without any hassle.

Editions of the project 2019 license

  1. Project Standard

If you are looking to keep all your projects on track and organize them based on their deadlines then Project Standard is ideal for you. If you don’t need the advanced features and collaboration tools, then Project Standard will cater to your needs beautifully.

  1. Project Server 2019

Designed and tested for Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Project Server in a flexible on-premise solution for starting the project quickly, prioritizing projects and delivering the project from virtually anywhere. All the project members and the project participant’s don’t have to be present at a single place physically.

  1. Project Web App

Project Web App is designed for the benefit of all the team members, project managers and even the portfolio managers to work and report on the browser-based interface. It is just like holding a project meeting, discussing the project details through the Project Web App instead of being physically present in an office.

  1. Project Professional

If you want to have the advanced features, collaboration tools, organize your tasks in the project, assign different tasks to different members and monitor their progress periodically, then Project Professional edition is designed only for you.When you buy a Microsoft Project 2019 license, many ready-to-use charts are readily available.

New Features of the Project 2019

Task Summary Name

In the new project 2019, you don’t have to remember the name of every task, instead, the task summary name field is added which shows the name of the task summary. This field is also added in your task view, which makes it easier for the user. This new feature is added in the name of “Task Summary Name”.

Labelling timeline bars

You can now label your timeline bars which take communications of projects to another level. The task progress can be seen on the tasks, so you can simply and quickly show the progress of your project.

Task ID linking

Now for remembering the ID of the task you are linking, a task hierarchy is added in the new project 2019. You can simply select the check bar of your task ID by scrolling the taskbar.

Project 2019 License

The Project 2019 License is available through the Microsoft Volume Licensing. Client Access License is used by the Project Server 2019. All the software is 100% original and your download link for the product will be available at your registered email address within 5 minutes of your purchase. You can simply click, download and start managing your project portfolios and organizing your tasks. You can easily buy and download the Project 2019 license at