Propane Pro iPhone App

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Propane Pro is an iPhone app developed by TapTools LLC. While prime outdoor grilling season may be over in many parts of the country, this handy propane management app is definitely still worth checking out.

You can head down to any Home Depot and pick up a traditional, manual pressure gauge to monitor the state of your grill’s propane. However, for many homeowners and grilling enthusiasts, a smartphone tracker is far easier to install and track. Personally, we’ve had a traditional monitor kicking around the house for two years, and haven’t bothered to install it yet. Clearly, an iPhone app is just a better fit for certain people’s lifestyles.

Propane Pro iPhone App Propane Pro iPhone App

The way that Propane Pro works is actually pretty ingenious. Rather than connecting to your propane tank valves in any way, Propane Pro works through sound.

Propane Pro measures the fullness of your propane tank in seconds! Tap the side of the tank with a hard metal object, and the app does the rest!

This app has an interface that is relatively clean and easy to read at a glance. There are certainly some users who will be turned off by the “Green on Black” color scheme. Overall, however, I liked the interface here quite well.

Propane Pro iPhone App

One caveat: Propane Pro is only designed to be used to estimate the usage of propane in 20 lb tanks. Perhaps future updates will allow you to select from multiple tank sizes.

Propane Pro is free, for now anyway. Once this app has been out for a while, however, it has been indicated that the “release celebration” price of “FREE” will increase. If you want to get prepped for next summer’s backyard BBQs, snag this app now while it is still free.

Propane Pro requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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