An image of the PlayStation 5, also known as PS5

Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5 is reported to make a release in the second half of 2018. According to Damian Thong, an MCS (Macquarie Capital Securities) analyst who has reported to the Wall Street Journal about the expected release of the device has stated that he expects Sony to launch its next-gen PlayStation device by the second half of 2018.

However, the report does not indicate that the analysis is information from an inside report of Sonys confidential workings on the PlayStation 5. In addition, predictions from analysts don’t normally end up being true. After all, it is just a prediction at the end of the day.

An image of the PlayStation 5, also known as PS5However, Damian Thong’s analysations have been fairly accurate up to this point. It was reported that he predicted the PS4 Pro and the PS4 Slim way before the products were known to be in production. Therefore, there is still a high possibility that Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5 might as well release in the third and fourth quarter of 2018.

Furthermore, other reports have suggested that Sony will be taking a completely different route with the PlayStation 5, in comparison to what they have done with its predecessors. Therefore, as a gaming enthusiast, the expectations and anticipations are extremely high as the wait for Sony to finally make it’s move increases beyond restrain.

Regardless of whether or not the rumors and predictions are true. It is an exciting prospect to realize that games of tomorrow will be even more immersive than they are today. Therefore, for game enthusiasts to wait for a release of a new gaming console could be well worth it, and Sony might as well take their time on their next release so they can perfect their craft and make the PlayStation 5 something the world has never seen before.