Audio is one of the areas of technology that normally wouldn’t be brought up, but CES has always been a big supporter of audio developers and Pure are fast becoming one of the top speaker developers, with digital innovation and wireless speakers being their two big points.

Pure have added the Jongo T640B stereo wireless speaker and the Jongo A140B wireless hi-fi adapter to Pure’s already large collection of hi-fi and stereo speakers and adapters. We don’t suspect that they will be releasing any new content until another event now.

Both of these models use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, instead of traditional wires. Pure have always been resistant to wires and have looked to different technologies to power their speakers.

Pure are really looking for the user to buy the whole set, as they have made every speaker a different colour. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi instead of wires, you can get a speaker in every room.

Both of these new speakers will be out in the first half of 2013, the Jongo T640B will be $249 and the Jongo A140B will be $99. We suspect there will be deals on the website for adapters if you buy hi-fi sets. Here is a link to the website if you want to purchase any.

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