Rail x Rail Train Set ipad app

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Rail x Rail Train Set is an iPad app developed by Loy Enterprises, Inc. This entertainment app lets children and adults experience the pleasure of playing with a model train set, but on a digital platform.

For decades, the big toy that all kids wanted was a model train set, complete with tons of cars and an engine that had those little pellets to create smoke. Model trains have a wonderful smell to them, and it’s a childhood playtime smell memory that’s almost as nostalgia-inducing as Play-Doh.


Recapturing that thrill of toy trains on a digital scale is a tall order. There’s a lot to like about Rail x Rail: custom tracks, buildings, cool terrain. You can even spring for the “Deluxe Pack” to get interactive cars, better tracks, bridges, mountains, and more.

Rail x Rail features hundreds of different train cars to mix and match together to make trains of different lengths, styles, and functions. The app features a really good editing system that keeps you from accidentally making changes to your rail line.

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Ultimately, as someone who grew up playing with model trains and loved every minute of it, Rail x Rail Train set doesn’t quite recapture the fun and wonderment of playing with a physical train. A big part of that sentiment is tied up in the graphics: they just seem a bit dated, and lacking in energy.

The cool thing about model trains was that they were true to the original: they were tiny versions of truly powerful creations, and that’s what made them cool. Here, the trains seem kind of dead and flat.

Rail x Rail Train Set is a fun app, to be sure, but the overhead and side views of your tracks and trains just lack “oomph.” With some fresher graphics and some improved animations, this could become a truly top-notch app. For now, however, it’s just mediocre.

Rail x Rail Train Set is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later.