flappy-bird iphone app title screen

For those of you missing Flappy Bird, I propose three reasons why you (and the world) will be a happier place.

3. Flappybird Made People go Insane

Flappy Bird was a game that developer Dong Nguyen made in a few days, but he never expected it to go so viral.

The consequences of programming a game with such addictive qualities turned many of the players against its creator. Nguyen received multiple death threats and because it disrupted his usually quiet life, he made the decision to pull Flappy Bird from the App Store.

Then after he pulled it, he received even more death threats.

2. Flappy Bird Turned us into Idiots

This video. This.

That was more than five minutes of someone playing Flappy Bird on their iPhone, which was recorded by what I can only assume was another iPhone.

I think the saddest thing is that it has over 12,000 views. Who sits there and watches someone play Flappy Bird for that long? I mean other than for totally valid, journalistic purposes. The greatest and saddest thing is that there are thousands of others out there like it.

1. The Sooner we get rid of Flappy Bird, the Better

Flappy Bird is like cancer that is hard to stamp out. Due to it no longer being available for download, people are selling mobile phones with versions of Flappy Bird on it for ridiculous prices.

If you still think Flappy Bird is great, please watch this instructional video.

Note: This method won’t work with a Nokia.