Reasons why people buy from Jurllyshe products?

Following are the important points which Jurllyshe focus to provide remarkable experience to it potential customers.

A Need

He has a need. The customer needs something. Only when someone has a need is he inclined to buy. The great thing is that you can stimulate this need. You can show the customer what you offer and thus create a need. Nobody needed a cell phone when it wasn’t around. Now nobody can do without it.

A Wish

The desire to buy it. Someone who hates a mobile phone and does not want to buy a mobile phone, does not buy. You do not have to put in any effort and energy. So look for customers who can and wants to do something with the need that you create or that he has.

Sufficient Resources

Sufficient resources and the right price. A customer who has no money for a large investment will not suddenly buy because you have developed such a beautiful product. If your product is twice as expensive as that of a competitor and you do not offer twice as much value, the customer will not buy. Price is very often a point of discussion, but as long as you offer enough value, the price is never too high. When a customer says they think it’s too expensive, find out if it’s really about the price or if it’s an excuse from the customer.

The Right Time

You can deliver it when the customer needs it. The customer’s need must be met when he wants it. The correct delivery time is essential whether someone wants to buy or not. Someone who now wants an extension to his house because he has bought a new house and wants to move in as soon as possible and you can only realize that in six months because you are fully planned, this customer does not buy. Then it makes no sense to invest in this customer.


A customer only buys from you if he trusts you. He feels that it will be okay. That you know what you are talking about and that you are going to arrange it perfectly for him. 

A customer ultimately makes the decision to buy on his own instinct. Research has been conducted and it appears that up to 20% of business decisions are made on the basis of rational considerations. So most of it decides on his gut. Of course it is important that you offer the right product or service. It must fit the customer’s wishes. But the final decision is ultimately made by the customer based on his feelings.

The main reason a customer buys is trust. When you offer a product or service that fits the customer exactly, that fully meets his needs, but the customer does not trust you, he does not buy. If your product or service may not quite match what he is looking for or if it is more expensive than someone else, but the customer trusts you 100%, he will buy. The feeling is good and the rest will be fine, the customer thinks. He decides with his feeling, not with his mind.