Red Hydrogen One
Red Hydrogen One -picture credits

Red Hydrogen One is a phone by the company which actually makes high-quality cameras for consumer uses. Today we will cover Red Hydrogen One specs, price and release date.

According to the company, the phone is the foundation of a future multi-dimensional media system.

Red Hydrogen One

The main feature and exciting part of this phone is that it offers holographic view without any 3D glasses. It can also capture video in the holographic format with the use of its special camera.

Specs of Red Hydrogen

The phone packs decent specs to fulfill the needs of the users. It is running on the Android operating system.

It has a large 5.1 inches display screen to give you an excellent view of 3D holography.

USB type C is present, which is a common part for 2018 smartphones. The stereo speakers will offer you great sound experience.

The sound will enhance your 3D entertainment. Although it has USB type, RED did not make a blunder and kept the traditional and useful 3.5mm headphone jack.

According to testers, it gives sound affect like Dolby 5.1 surround.

The metal ridges and fines with help of scallops on sides will make Red Hydrogen One easy to hold in the hand.

The processor is the last generation Snapdragon 835, yet it is very fast and responsive for daily usage.

On the camera department, Red is likely to use its self-made camera. The camera will probably be called “weapon”.

The display also has the facility to offer 2D view instead of 3D, so you can make use of any of them

Red Hydrogen One release date

The phone will be available to Verizon and AT&T users in the summer. We don’t have any news about its international availability.

Red Hydrogen One Price

The smartphone is not a budget orientated, you will need to pay a good amount of money to have it. The pre-order prices are starting from $1,195 for aluminum version and $1,595 for titanium.