Is the world ready for a 4K Apple TV? One industry insider is a believer

Our favorite fruit company WILL deliver an honest to goodness flat panel television — it is, perhaps, destiny. The details, however, are still closely held secrets. Nevertheless, where there’s missing or incomplete knowledge about an unreleased Apple product, there is always someone willing to fill the void and the long-rumored, never-seen Apple TV is no exception.

The perp in this case is DisplayMate Technologies’ CEO and founder Raymond Soneira and he feels rather strongly that (, when it ships, the full-on flat panel Apple TV will deliver Cupertino’s trend-setting Retina display technology.

“My… theory is that color consistency and accuracy among all Apple devices is more important for Apple than Retina display resolution and will be the strategic basis for the eventual launch of an Apple Television,” says Soneira. “Consumers will love the fact that everything including their personal photos, TV shows, movies, and videos will all look exactly the same on all Apple devices.”

And, we all know how much Apple loves consistency and isn’t afraid to sell high-priced stuff, which a 50-inch or larger Apple TV would most certainly be — seriously, it will be 4K resolution or higher.

Apple TV-ish sighting

Patently Apple, a website that is fully engaged (OCD style) with the mothership’s filing around the world, has been crawling around inside an Apple trademark filing made in Hong Kong.

“Noteworthy is that Apple is now protecting Mountain Lion to be associated with televisions, television receivers and television monitors,” writes Jack Purcher. “What if anything this means is unknown at this time.”

Well said, Jack.

So, do you think a big-screen Apple TV is inevitable and will it arrive with pixel-doubled Retina technology?