Role And Opportunities Of Technology In Education In The Nearest Future

Technology is revolutionizing education in ways that we did not think possible. All levels of education are benefitting from technology and it is even making it possible for students to get help with essay writing. In this article, we will look at ways through which technology will shape education in the future.

Future of technology in education

One of the vital roles of technology in education is to assist teachers to better deliver lessons to students. Research shows that students tend to learn better when tutors use new methods that are different from the traditional ones. So, technology will help teachers move from old traditional text-based teaching and improve the communication between the teacher and students.

Examples and Possibilities in education

Social media in education

Social media platforms help to create an interactive learning environment that both teachers and students can use. Students also get the opportunity to follow famous influencers in different areas and enable them to learn from them.


E-books are digital textbooks in the form of PDF that students can carry around on their laptops or iPads. There is no need of carrying five heavy physical textbooks, everything is digital. Students can find any information they are looking for faster-using E-books than by going to the library. E-books are a good example of how technology has improved education.

Virtual Reality

The future of technology in the classroom lies in virtual reality. A lot of research and innovation is being put into the improvement of virtual reality by companies like Oculus, Samsung, and Google. 

Online classes and streams

Technology is now making it possible for tutors to create private YouTube channels that they can use to upload or stream classes and lessons that students can watch in real-time. This future education technology is being put into use by many tutors to improve learning.

Differentiate assignments for the student’s learning style

Thanks to technology, students are now getting their assignments in the form of book reports instead of the old traditional methods. This gives students the chance to determine on their own how to best convey their message. The student can choose to use video, audio, written or visual methods to do the assignment. However, they must ensure that they meet all the requirements before they hand in the assignment.

Epistemic games

The future of education technology lies in epistemic games. These are commercial simulations that enable students to get into positions like journalists, engineers or city planning. They are then asked to come up with solutions for real-world problems. These simulations enable creative students and professionals to learn innovative thinking and have real-world skills and professional values that will be useful in solving problems.

Student’s database and results tracking

New technology in schools is making it easier for tutors to track and keep a record of students’ progress. The information they get from tracking results enables the tutors to develop better learning methods based on the needs of the students. Students are also able to check their results and grades with ease in the digital diary.

Interactive textbooks & case studies

The traditional concept of textbooks being physical and tangible is changing. These days, textbooks have websites that contain animations, assessments, videos and other additional materials. This additional material provides students with the support to learn new content.

Digitalization of everything

All study materials that a student needs is available online. There is no need to have loads of textbooks or to write down a lot of notes. Digitalization is also making it easy for students to get essay writing help from Essay Zoo. So do not hesitate to ask for help when you are having trouble with your assignments.

iPads & computers

person holding black tablet computer showing video editor

Owning an iPad or a laptop is making students more responsible. Technology is enabling them to make better decisions and also gives them a chance of owning expensive and valuable items.

Better simulations and projects

Good simulations can assist tutors to explain processes that are difficult to show in class and concepts that are big or too small. New simulation software is also enabling students to experiment with virtual greenhouses to better understand evolution.

Global Learning

It is now possible for students to learn different languages from native speaking tutors in different countries. Sites like are making this possible. The students can then learn the languages via Skype, hangouts or other platforms. Students can also tune in to podcasts and get to learn different things.

More efficient assessments

Teachers are now able to collect and assess student data in real-time. The tutors are also able to monitor how long students take to answer questions. This enables teachers to know areas that students are having difficulties.

Classes available online + live streaming

Students are now able to attend classes via live streaming in real-time. Schools and institutions are now able to create private channels on YouTube where they can post lessons that students can access from the comfort of their homes.

Differentiate assignments to fit student’s learning style

Teachers are tailoring assignments to fit their students’ learning styles. Students receive the assignment in the form of book reports which they then proceed to do in their way. They only need to adhere to the rules that are given.

Technology has a vital role to play in the future of our education. Statistics show that schools have started embracing technology in the classroom but there is still a long way to go. Schools need to keep in touch with advancements made in technology because it will benefit the students.