Rounds Video Chat App

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Hi Tapscape, I’m back with another review for you today. Today we’re featuring the chatting app Rounds Video Chat, which has quite a lot more in store than just video chatting. The app is completely free, compatible with iPhone and iPad and you can download Rounds Video Chat here. But is Rounds any good and fun to use? Let’s dive into the review!

Using Rounds Video Chat

Booting up Rounds Video Chat, it only took me a minute to get my account set up and ready to chat. Even though there weren’t too many friends I had to chat with (this is mostly the issue with newer chat apps as they’re just not big enough yet as a complete platform for you and all your friends) it didn’t take me too long to find out what the app was all about.

Rounds Video Chat looks gorgeous, with a lush interface and intuitive controls over what you want to do. The really cool thing about Rounds is that you’re not just able to make high-definition video calls to a single person, but to a group as well. I can only imagine this is great fun and it could take communication over smartphones to a whole new level.

Some amazing features

Since Rounds is a chat app it’s fairly similar to other chat apps when just messaging texts back and forth. Use of emoticons and the like is done in a similar manner but there are some features that really make Rounds Video Chat stand out—you can actually play games against your friends through the app, giving a complete new dimension to chatting. This kind of innovation is what I really like and quite frankly I think it’s what differs a successful new chatting app from a failing one.

Our conclusion

I’ve reviewed more than a dozen messaging apps for Tapscape and I can say for sure that Rounds Video Chat is one of them that stands out more. With its charming looks and great interface, many innovative features and user-friendliness it has quite a good thing going.

My only real concern, like with all these apps, is that it will just take a long time before it becomes active enough for it to become a main user. There are already so many messaging apps out there. Nonetheless I would suggest you check out Rounds Video Chat for yourself because in the end it’s an all-round social platform that could become a great thing in the near future.

Rounds Video Chat requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPad and iPhone. Rounds Video Chat is also available for Android.