Since the release of the Sony Smartwatch and Samsung Galaxy Gear – the iWatch, which is still under production by Apple, has been teasing customers for far too long. After a failed prediction that the iWatch would be released in late 2013, rumour has it that the Apple iWatch is finally making an appearance in late 2014.

Apple iWatch

Is the Apple iWatch Release Date Certain?

Well, technically no. According to analysts, October the 14th 2014 is apparently the best bet for the iWatch release date. The device has actually been quite a problematic invention from day one for Apple with ongoing problems regarding screen technology, battery life experiments, and corporate issues.

However, there is a substantial amount of information to confirm that the iWatch is definitely in production, and recent reports suggest that Apple is lining up suppliers required to provide components for the watch. Apple recently signed a deal with GT Advanced, calling for more Sapphire Glass which is mainly used in professional watch making, as well as attempting to trademark the name in some countries. Coincidence, maybe?

What Features Will the iWatch Have?

So far, the rumours have flowed with the description of the iWatch featuring a 1.5 inch display screen, a size that fits easily around the wrist and with curves that “can flop as easy as paper in the wind without breaking”, “full” iOS, sensors, and a wireless battery that can last up to 4-5 days. The iWatch will be the companion to the iPhone, and users are apparently going to be able to bring up maps, an organiser, predict the weather, see caller ID, and even measure human heart rate and glucose levels with additional sensors.

What Will it Look Like?

Unfortunately, the design of this watch has been shrouded in secrecy. We doubt anybody except Apple’s employees working on the project will know the exact design of the watch until it is released. All photos used in articles (including this one) are simply glorious mock-up designs of what we are anticipating it to look like.

Apple iWatch concept

Will the iWatch Have Wireless Charging?

Yes – you heard correct. But sadly this feature seems to be what is holding back the release of the iWatch due to so many production hiccups. The most debated method of charging appears to be solar – with small solar panels installed inside the watch which use the sun to charge. Other rumours are magnetised batteries that can charge from a metre away, and even a more traditional ‘wind it up’ method.

How Much Will the iWatch Cost?

Nobody knows for sure, however, one anonymous analyst predicted the watch will cost anywhere between $129-$229 (US).

So as the release date looms closer for the iWatch, there are more and more rumours spilling from different sources which predict both great and not so great features of the device. People fear it will be a “health device” mainly, like the Nike Sportwatch and only measure distance, calories and times. Others are hopeful in the believe it will become more like an iPhone, with apps, music, phone calls and more.

Only time will tell – let us know in the comments what features you’d like to see on the Apple iWatch.