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While the market is already heavily saturated with tools for writing out ideas and undertaking business plans, it isn’t always the most convenient or safe way to store them in those dedicated services. It is a very smart decision for business owners and employees alike to make sure their data and notes are stored safe and secure.

Protecting your accounts and work spaces cleverly will get you a long way—but for a lot of people it’s more than necessary to make sure all files are collected and stored safely away. That’s where Saferoom comes in—an app that not only lets you create files made or stored in services like Evernote or Google Drive but also encrypts them. Saferoom is developed by Security & Communications Software Inc. and with that said let’s dive into what the app can offer.

Setting up your account and using Saferoom

After downloading and installing Saferoom, I was surprised by how quickly I was already protecting my files around the web. Setting up an account is as easy as choosing a username and password for Saferoom and then connecting that account to your Evernote account. This way, you can start encrypting data of Evernote or other services (Like Google Drive, MS OneNote, Dropbox, etc.) and storing them safely on your device.

The password you create for viewing or creating files on Saferoom is stored only locally, so you can now install Saferoom on whatever device you have and access your files from there. Of course Saferoom also supports attachments files like videos, PDF files, images and other assets that you might need for a full professional powerhouse of protected data.

Tapscape’s final thoughts on Saferoom

I loved everything about Saferoom—from the simple and intuitive interface design to the accessibility of my files and the great protection possibilities it comes with. For just under five dollars you have yourself a collected work space with all your data completely safe and accessible by only you.

If you’re one of those people that has a lot of files on online storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, don’t hesitate to buy this app and start protecting your files today.

Saferoom requires iOS 8.1 and is compatible with iPad and iPhone

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