Samsung 85 inch tv

Samsung 85 inch tv

Samsung’s uniquely designed 85-inch 4K TV was one of the highlights of CES 2013 and one of the best TVs on show at the Consumer Electronics Show.

4K has always been expensive and we pleaded that with Sharp’s new 8K TV, which is expected to ship in four years, that it comes at a cheaper price than the latest 4K TVs. We remember at previous conferences when asked how much the TV will cost company assistants almost shudder away when they reveal it will be over $20k.

Samsung will sell the S9 in Korea first, with the starting price of 40,000,000 won. The company has already said that they will not be selling any larger sizes of the TV right now, although a 110-inch model was at CES.

The estimated price in the US will be around $38,000 – 40,000, depending on how well Samsung see this going. For the average American, $40k is just way too much for a TV, but we may see some top paid people splash out.

Samsung have piled all their great, good and odd features into this Ultra HD TV. The S9 is the ultimate package, and if you love the industrial design that is apparently “unprecedented” in the TV world, then you may want to enquire about a loan.

The TV is set for release late 2013.