Could Samsung's First Ever Foldable Phone Be The Future Of Smartphones?

Could Samsung's First Ever Foldable Phone Be The Future Of Smartphones?For years rumors have been circulating about a foldable phone from Samsung. Ever since the company displayed its flexible screen prototypes. 6 years after the CES event held in Los Vegas Samsung’s foldable phone will finally hit the market.

Samsung has been pioneers in mobile technology for the greater part of this century. Most of their top innovations have revolutionized the way mobile phones look and operate. As an industry leader, they are not slowing down in giving the world new tech. Every time they launch a new phone with new abilities the rest of the players make their own version.

There are several previous pieces of innovation that they have released over the years that have really captured the world’s imagination. Super AMOLED in 2010 on the Galaxy S and curved screens on the Galaxy S6 are just two quick examples.

The foldable phone from Samsung which was previous known as ‘Project Valley’ might now get the name Galaxy X. This is the information that is circulating in specialist Samsung news sites. These are the same sites that leaked the patent application which gave hints about the design of the phone. The firm reportedly filed patents for an “original hinge” system that will allow the phone to fold. The phone is supposed to fold in the same way that flip phones of yesteryear used to. However, the screen of this new smartphone spans the length of the entire face of the phone.

Between the launch of the Galaxy S8 and the Note 8 this year the world will have its first foldable smartphone. What a cool device to play the best real money online casino games at top American casinos online or any online casino site. Hopefully, we will not have to win the top online casino jackpot to afford Samsung’s foldable smartphone.

We have become so accustomed to new and exciting advancements in technology. If the phone is popular in the Asian countries where the Korean firm is first testing the phone we might see a 2018 release of the phone.