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Samsung galaxy gear

Following the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch in September, many questioned if the concept would sell successfully and if the first smartwatch to market was popular.

Given the Galaxy Gear was seemingly only in response anticipation to the rumours that Apple were developing an iWatch, Samsung had free reign to create what consumers would associate the term smartwatch with for the market in future.

However, it seems Samsungs’ efforts were not appreciated with a report claiming they had sold just over 50,000 since launching nearly 3 months ago.

“According to the related industry sources on November 14, Samsung Electronics released the curved smartphone Galaxy Round on November 10, but the product currently shows daily sales of under 100 units. Its cumulative monthly sales fall under 10,000 units.

Also, on September 25, Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy Gear in time for the wearable computing generation. Yet this product has cumulative sales under 50,000, with daily sales of only 800-900 units. These low sales values for the Galaxy Gear are far below the initial expectations of the industry.”

Samsung rejects Galaxy Gear figures

Samsung, in response to these numbers have rejected them as nonsense and instead insists the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is a roaring success having sold close to the 800,000 figure in just two months.

There is clearly significant discrepancies between the two figures; so much so that it does lead one to believe Samsung are rejecting the failure the device and simply fabricating figures to provide the illusion it was the device the market was waiting for.

It is tough to tell which to believe, but how many Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches have you seen in the wild recently? I have a feeling that 800,000 figure is a slight exaggeration and the daily sales of 800-900 units the report quotes is closer to the truth.

What’s your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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