Xperia Sony Yuga

It’s surprising to see how quickly people have warmed up to phablets. When the original Samsung Galaxy Note was announced, people criticized it for being too big and yet, it ended up becoming one of Samsung’s biggest successes. Now, manufacturers are scrambling to come up with the next Note-killer. Today, we’ve got word that one of those manufacturers is Sony and that they’re working on a one-two combination to take down the current champ, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. We’ve heard about the Sony Odin, let’s now find out more about its sibling.

Xperia Sony Yuga

Previously we reported that Sony is looking to enter the phablet arena with the Sony Odin (model C650, with three variants — C6502, C6503, C6506). The specs for the Sony Odin were enough to make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and other phones in its class tremble. But it turns out, Sony has another powerhouse lined-up for 2013 — the Sony Yuga.

The Sony Yuga, according to reports, will sport model number C660. The Xperia Blog reveals that the benchmark results have been leaked on NenaMark2, giving us a better idea of the kind of specs the phone will have:

“They will be armed with a 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset (APQ8064 & Adreno 320 graphics) and MDM9615 baseband chip with LTE support. These phones are currently being tested with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and 10.1.A.0.XXX firmware.

“Now we can confirm that the Sony C660X ‘Yuga’ will have a 1080p (1920 x 1080) display following an appearance in the NenaMark2 benchmark. The benchmark actually points to a resolution of 1794 x 1080, but 126 pixels are likely being used for the on-screen buttons introduced in Android Ice Cream Sandwich. The entry has already been removed from the NenaMark website, but still appears inGoogle Cache results.”

While details for the device’s screen size are non-existent at the moment, I think it’s safe to say that we’re possibly looking at another phablet here thanks to that screen resolution. Looks like Sony really wants to muscle in on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s territory.

Are you excited that we’ll have more phablets in 2013? Which Sony model do you think will prove to be a bigger challenge for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Sound off in the comments below!


  1. Not real the specs seem better still on the the note 2 plus the features the note 2 has are only for the note and no other company can have them unless they jock but the only thing will be there resolution

  2. If Sony’s offering comes in at 5.3″or larger then I’d definitely have a look at it as a replacement for my Note. Then again, the Note’s stylus is a very handy thing to have and I may miss it at times.
    Mind you, I’d look at any 5.3″ or larger phone by any manufacturer. I want Nokia to enter the phablet arena with a Windows 8 offering like the Lumia 920. I’d be very tempted by that.

  3. That’s a very strange resolution. 1080p is 1920×1080 pixels. 1794×1080 is just dumb. Besides, pixel densities over 250dpi are wasted. The human eye is not that good. But it still takes battery life and CPU power to refresh each pixel. 1080p may make sense on a 7″ screen, but 720p seems like the maximum useful resolution on a pocketable phone.

  4. Well this probably won’t have an s-pen (OBVIOUSLY) but if it has a quad core snapdragon s4 then that will be around 80% more powerful than the iphone 5 and an adreno 320 is as powerful as the current console gpus and if it has a 1080p screen well then I could care less for samsung’s “super amoled” but since this isn’t official I also doubt it since if the sony tablet were also to have a 5.5 inch screen that would mean a 400ppi and given that sony doesn’t even manufacture their screens I doubt samsung or LG would give them panels of that complexity

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